What makes “Slice of Life” special?

Oftentimes during the earlier generation, whenever I took the chance to browse a list of anime to watch for a season, I couldn’t help to keep my eyes away from a label with “Slice of Life” because I would make a judgment it would be loaded with random things despite a settled decent plot was being depicted. I have already watched a number of titles which I considered to fall under the category and I hate to deny the fact while living in the older period of animation as where I was, where shounen titles were highly viral worldwide, I would Continue reading “What makes “Slice of Life” special?”


Lelouch vi Britannia’s Revolution Towards World Peace: A Quick Retrospection

“Before you dispose of me, I’d like you to answer a question – if being powerless is so terribly wrong, then does having power make you right?” -Lelouch, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

You might have noticed, if you do follow me on Twitter, that I would always get ecstatic as I re-watched the series Code Geass. Maybe you would think I was wasting my time to take a glance on this retarded anime series where in fact I already had a background as to the Continue reading “Lelouch vi Britannia’s Revolution Towards World Peace: A Quick Retrospection”


Legendary Era Of Anime: What’s Your Ultimate Nostalgia?

You will probably know if you happen to guess my age (well, I’m not too old enough), what anime generation I mostly crossed during my childhood days. If I proudly say I had the chance to watch those mecha beyond a fictional atmosphere as far from life on earth, watching those massive explosions like a big bang theory, then you will realize that my era would touch the VHS and Sci-Fi generation. If you only knew how enthusiastic I was whenever Continue reading “Legendary Era Of Anime: What’s Your Ultimate Nostalgia?”

Childhood Anime-inspired Hobbies I Wish They Make a Comeback in the Philippines

Whether you were born in early 90s or quite before the era, you guys are still considered the best generation of Otaku because first, you did survive watching a single episode per day of a series on a small TV screen; second, anime served as your inspiration to study harder because your parents always strictly told you ” Do your homework first”, because there were lots of good anime after school hours, around 4pm-6pm. If you happen to be a Filipino as I am, you can easily relate to the event and you know what particular series Continue reading “Childhood Anime-inspired Hobbies I Wish They Make a Comeback in the Philippines”

More Than Just Your Kawaii Girl: 5 Reasons Why Sailor Moon is the Most Influential Magical Girl

Kids, or any group of age, teens to older generation, often idolize superheroes they watch on TV, whether it could be Superman, Spiderman, Batman or any marvelous characters who, from the common denominator of their goal, save the world from hostile forces. Whereas, in the world of animation, we have the strongest of all legends, Son Goku, and who could oppose that fact? All these beloved superheroes always show the brightest side of life, giving us such motivation to surpass every barriers we encounter along with our Continue reading “More Than Just Your Kawaii Girl: 5 Reasons Why Sailor Moon is the Most Influential Magical Girl”