Kids, or any group of age, teens to older generation, often idolize superheroes they watch on TV, whether it could be Superman, Spiderman, Batman or any marvelous characters who, from the common denominator of their goal, save the world from hostile forces. Whereas, in the world of animation, we have the strongest of all legends, Son Goku, and who could oppose that fact? These beloved superheroes always show the brightest side of life, giving us such motivation to surpass every barrier we encounter along with our journey. Behind these manly appeal of our heroes, their muscles and sweats, it is more amazing to know that women can also have the guts to save the humanity.

As one of the ninety’s little crusaders of the legendary era of anime, I was easily captivated by the charms of female characters from the way they physically look to their ladylike gestures, and I wished I could be like them as my fantastical thought when I was a small girl, and such characters are mostly seen from my nostalgic series – Magic Knight Rayearth, Akazukin Chacha, Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura, and I couldn’t deny the fact I was visually oriented by the glamour they effortlessly show on screen. However, I realized deep in their character, there’s something about them which is a lot more important than my eyes could set on them.

Surely, Sailor Moon is one of those magical girls who fits to the criteria of character as “superwoman”. By the term I mean, she is exactly what I’ve visualized as a role model in society as she, together with her guardians, promotes justice and freedom and eliminate inhumane acts. Right, she is the female counterpart of the number 1 superhero, Superman, as kids have always believed. It is truly awesome and fulfilling enough how women can be useful in saving the whole universe to fight evils. 90s brats surely understand the struggles of this young beautiful lady and her brave comrades.

So yes, here are the influential things we can get from Sailor Moon and how she touches the heart of many fans around the world.

1.  She knows what true love is. 

As the soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon’s heart is a powerful tool to achieve her strong desire to make each and everyone in society experience peaceful living, happiness and freedom. She cares a lot and actively fights crime. This supports the fact that the term love isn’t just about her romantic feelings for her love interest, Tuxedo Mask, as many fans get hyped with their intimacy. Behind that, her heart possesses the sincerest passion to help the humanity from such violence and immorality and to save those people important to her as protecting her family and friends.


2. She teaches us the power of friendship.

The tight bonding of the guardians is evidently seen throughout the series, and I salute their harmonious relationship as they do not prone themselves at “frenemies” zone into dullness. They are what you call the “squad goal” for this modern society that young girls should adore. The series proves to the viewers that the varying personalities and philosophies of our pretty guardians make their friendship stronger as they learn to accept their flaws and weaknesses of one another.


3. She makes us realize that imperfection makes us perfect.

At first glance, you might think Usagi is a talented young girl who excels in everything more than how she looks as a student with a kawaii face, but the reality is the exact opposite. Being an average minded student who gets a low grade in exam doesn’t disappoint her fans. She still gives importance to education and studies harder for a better change. In fact, it’s what makes her “normal” that proves to the world that you don’t need to be perfect to be appreciated by people. By just being yourself and making the best out from your errors, you will easily inspire everyone around you.


4. She promotes women empowerment

Never underestimate the capabilities of a woman. Sailor Moon promotes feminism which inspires every fangirl to strengthen their soul in terms of facing social and economical issues despite inequality happens in real life as some men think that women are weak beings who are incapable to fight for their own. The series makes every woman in society to build their confidence to claim their rights to achieve dignity, self respect and complete autonomy. Sailor moon possesses a strong character more than what a teenage girl can do as she makes the right decision for herself and for everyone around her.


5. She gives respect to homosexuality

One of the social issues that is still prevalent nowadays is homosexuality which has a negative connotation among strong activists – their belief that such behavior is sinful and completely not acceptable under the divine law as the natural partner of a man is a woman. However, I always have a big opposition to the conviction because I strongly believe LGBT community has the right to choose the path they believe it will lead them to happiness and liberty, thereby equality among humanity. Sailor Moon will never be embarrassed to have a guardian who at the same time, has a heart of both male and female. This was the case when she finally realized that Sailor Uranus can be a pretty boy, too, but never was disgusted of her guardian’s behavior.



14 thoughts on “More Than Just Your Kawaii Girl: 5 Reasons Why Sailor Moon is the Most Influential Magical Girl

  1. I love this post! Yenno I went to an anime con and this was a panel. I’m waiting for the guy to publish a book but he really goes in depth in his research on the impact of sailor moon on the female audience.

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    1. Thank you. I recently watched Sailor Moon Crystal and it still has a big impact on me as the old version. The nostalgic feeling is still there. Sailor Moon herself is admirable as ever, and I would like to tell the audience that she deserves to be a role model in the world of anime.

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  2. Great list. Sailor Moon had such a big impact on me when I was young so even though I find Serena pretty annoying these days, Sailor Moon is still the ideal magical girl. Probably my favourite point about Serena is that she also shows us that girls are allowed to eat. Admittedly we do have a couple of episodes where her eating habits get her into trouble but that just kind of teaches us all moderation while eating what we enjoy.
    Thanks for sharing this post.


    1. Thank you. The series is one of my ultimate nostalgia, and I still find Sailor Moon as the best magical girl. I was also annoyed by her character at first because she was a crybaby, but I found out there were a lot of things to discover behind her immaturity. She deserves a spotlight for inspiring the audience.


  3. When I first saw Sailor Moon when I was younger, I instantly wanted to be just like her:) She taught me so much, that I would wish to be just like her and the Sailor Scouts XD Good list by the way! Sailor moon and the Sailor Scouts do teach valuable lessons. XD

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  4. Excellent post, Kurumi. Oh my gosh! All of the anime you listed are making me nostalgic. It’s so rare to hear about Akazukin Chacha nowadays. High-five! So glad you included the LGBTQ aspect in this list. It’s only a few years ago that I learned about this. I watched the international version as a kid, the English dub, so this part was censored (cut) from the original version so I had no idea about this until a few years ago. I was in love with Tuxedo Mask as a kid. Anyway, good job. Keep it up. Cheers!


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