Kurumi Shim (or simply Kurumi) is a Filipino anime enthusiast. She is also fond of manga, cosplay and everything associated with Japanese popular culture. She is an RPG gamer and in fact, a big fan of Bandai Namco’s Tales series.

She started to become an anime lover at the age of 4. The first anime series she watched was Ninja Senshi Tobikage which was broadcast with English dub on Philippine television in 1996. Soonafter, she would always love to watch anime series on local TV network such as Yuyu Hakusho, Recca no Honou and Dragon Ball Z which were popular series during her younger years.

As worldwide web began to dominate, she became more active in the world of anime as she spent most of the time watching a lot of series online and joined different anime-related sites such as Crunchyroll, an English-based site that mainly streams anime, where she gained a lot of friends internationally who are into anime culture. In fact, Kurumi garnered the 2nd place in the Crunchyroll’s Otaku Room Contest in 2008 which she believes to be her first achievement as an anime enthusiast.


The blog kurumishim.wordpress.com was officially launched on July 20, 2012. Previously posting on Blogspot with the domain shiningkurumi.blogspot.com which started in April 2010, she firstly decided to import her posts to Tumblr. However, due to a number of reasons, she ended up with WordPress officially.


13 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hello! 🙂
    Yay~ someone from the Phils too! 😀

    I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blogroll. Btw, I love your header! Amucchii! ❤


    1. Hello there!

      Oh, yes. We both love Yuki Furukawa. I’ve known him for some roles, but I started to love him more when I was watching ItaKiss. He’s a good actor. He’s really nice to his fans.

      I’d like to hear a lot from you soon. Nice to meet you by the way.


  2. “She is an RPG gamer and in fact, a big fan of Tales series”

    I think we will get along just fine then, lol. Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by my site ^^

    (I see you must be a big fan of Aria Kanzaki ^^)


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