Romantic comedy, fondly known as romcom, is one of the most frequently searched genres around the web especially when it comes to anime and manga series, Asian TV drama, and even web novels can offer exceptional romcom stories. The lightheartedness of such genre easily catches your heart, and by the time you gravitate yourself towards the romantic world, you wouldn’t want to end the beautiful story. It depicts some realistic scenarios about the crazy yet fascinating moments of being in love. It is pleasantly entertaining to watch two fairy tale-like lovers trying to surmount all the obstacles brought by uncertain circumstances while treating you out the best remedy for your toxic life – the strong spice of comedy.

Anime provides a wide variety of romcom titles that even casual viewers would love to watch. The following anime titles are highly recommended for non-anime fans that will absolutely make them hooked instantly.

Note: Titles are listed in no particular order.


Skip Beat

They said that revenge does nothing but destroys you. For Kyoko Mogami, the old saying has nothing to do with her current situation. She has always wanted to plot her revenge on her childhood friend and now a popular idol, Sho Fuwa, who tricked her into inviting her to Tokyo to make her as a maid. She has to enter the showbiz world to follow his path and avenge over the big star.

Skip Beat offers a plenty of spices to satisfy your addiction to romcom series. Even if you’re a casual viewer who isn’t into anime, Skip Beat will never fail to make you on the edge of your seat. It won’t make you feel bored and lethargic because the characters are crazily funny and will keep you hyped as you go on with the story. This is definitely a must-watch series if you want some real entertainment.



The very famous title isn’t just as ordinary as other romantic comedy series in the anime community. Toradora is a complete topnotch in terms of well-crafted storyline and good character development.

The female protagonist, Aisaka Taiga, is such a delight and ridiculously a disaster at the same time as she would easily escalate her mood whenever someone tries to get on her way especially when she encounters Ryuuji. Their disastrous relationship is fun to watch, and Taiga’s cuteness is way too irresistible. The series tackles various issues on family, friendship and young romance that even non-anime fans will deeply get invested in.


Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

The chemistry between a blunt girl and a socially awkward boy is something that might seem odd at first glance, but their relationship eventually becomes one of the most likable in the romcom anime community. The emotionless Shizuku Mizutani doesn’t give a typical lovey-dovey vibe to the whole story, but she will change your world and prove that there’s a lot more to explore while you’re still young and that you should open up your world to find yourself. The anime is relatable in many ways, so be sure to include it on your watch list.


Special A

The never-ending rivalry of Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima is totally the real excitement of the show, but what’s even more compelling is how they realize that they are romantically falling in love with each other, however, they would admit their feelings silently.

The anime will easily get you hooked on how they progress in the story and how other supporting characters get their own highlights. Every character is worth your time and their own drama will make you laugh and cry at the same time.


Lovely Complex

The wide difference in height doesn’t matter in a romantic relationship, and Lovely Complex supports the fact. The series has a lot to offer more than just the typical lovely-dovey moments of a couple. The romcom formula is quite unique and blends well with the bizarre-looking chemistry of the young couple.

Both the main characters are struggling with their own insecurities affecting their self-esteem. Koizumi is very tall exceeding the average height for Japanese girls while Otani is evidently shorter than the average height for Japanese boys. Despite this concept however, the series will make you realize that love has no boundaries. This is full of inspiring thoughts about young romance.


Masamune-kun no Revenge

This is another revenge related thing, but Masamune-kun no Revenge is far different from what you think it would be. The extremely confident guy, Masamune Makabe, is the real entertainment of the series. Everyone admires his full determination and struggles to be the most ideal man that everyone would worship in a way to seek revenge on his childhood crush for naming him “Pig’s Foot”. He mirrors the same insecurities of some youngsters out there especially when it comes to their physical attributes and how they deal with unrequited love. The anime is relatable for teens and young adults that even non-anime fans can reflect themselves into various issues involving the critical stage of adolescence.


Kaichou wa Maid-sama

It’s really hard to keep your secret, and the worst, what if the most handsome and popular ladies charm in your school discovers it? This is the case of Misaki Ayuzawa. The series focuses on how the male lead, Takumi Usui, expresses her feelings to Misaki who finds her really interesting and unique compared to any other girls out there, while Misaki tries to deal with the annoyance brought by the teasing and perverted demeanor of Usui.

What’s really interesting in the anime is how Usui portrays his character as someone who values the uniqueness of a woman from the inside, and Misaki defines it all. She’s a strong-willed and hardworking student and gives importance to her family and friends. The series is like those ordinary romcom series loaded with gushy stuff and heartwarming moments.


Itazura na Kiss 

Here comes the ordinary, happy-go-lucky girl Kotoko Aihara and she mirrors the same positive energy of a teenage girl who has a big crush on someone. However, she got rejected after confessing her feelings to Naoki, the popular campus heartthrob.

Based on a manga of the same name, Itazura na Kiss is one of the popular romcom titles that has brought a large phenomenon to Asian dramas and got live action adaptation in Taiwan, Korea and Japan. The story doesn’t complicate a lot of things as it is purely about young romance and unrequited love. Fans of a typical romcom sequence will definitely keep their eyes on the development of Naoki and Kotoko.


Ouran High School Host Club

One of the most famous female protagonists in the anime history in the name of Haruhi Fujioka isn’t just as ordinary as you would think of her at first glance. She was mistaken as a boy upon meeting the six stunning members of the host club at the prestigious Ouran High School, but they soon realized she is actually a beautiful and kind-hearted girl. Her life becomes a lot more fun with the host club members entertaining girls at the school premise and making fun interaction with them.

The all-time top recommended romcom anime shouldn’t be missed out. Ouran High School Host Club has always gained its massive popularity since it was released in 2006. It offers a good comical relief for your stressful days and doesn’t fail to entertain the audience with its decent animation and well-executed roles of the characters. It isn’t your average romcom series focusing on the intimate development between two characters because the series avoids the cliche as it opens up a new world of romcom anime.


Wolf Girl and Black Prince 

You would think that being the servant of the most handsome guy in your school is the best thing in the world, but for Erika Shinohara, things get complicated when he encounters the very good-looking Kyoya Sata who later on agrees to be his fake boyfriend in order for her to fit in the clique where everyone has found a healthy romantic relationship. However, in return, Erika needs to act like a pet to him.

The anime is your typical school romcom which starts off with the cold and princely disposition of the male lead. You know what to expect thereafter – he will eventually fall in love with the girl. Though with the predictable sequence, the cliche of a romcom is one of the elements that makes you thrilled over and over again.


Would you also love to recommend these shows to non-anime fans? Do you have something on your mind you would like to add to the list? Let Kurumi know your thoughts!

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  2. I Wonder Have Derek L Plus Megan/A Geeky Gal Have Seen Maid Sama Toradora Plus Special A I Got To Buy Toradora Special A Plus Maid Sama On Blu-Ray/DVD Plus The Manga’s As Well. Please Watch My Roomate Is A Cat It’s Funny And Comes On Every Thursday Morning.


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