There’s no lie that laughter is the best medicine. With tons of anime shows out there, some of you would try to look for the most effective dose of comical relief. After your exhausting days at work or any event in your life that causes you too much anxiety, depression and great deal of stressors, make sure you still have a decent amount of time to watch anime series that will brighten up your day. Whether you are physically, emotionally or mentally healthy, you should still make the best out from your life beyond happiness and satisfaction.

So, here are recommendable comedy anime shows that will absolutely boost your mood:

Note: Titles are listed in no particular order.


Chio’s School Road

The anime is all about the struggles of being a high school student. Chio is just an average-looking girl as what her mental and emotional state is. She seems to be your typical nerdy at first glance, but you could tell she is a plain silly girl who has a lot of funny ideas to solve difficult circumstances as going to school in the most convenient way.

It is a good show that depicts various obstacles that adolescents try to overcome and all the goofiness involving friendship and romance. Chio’s delusion makes you go crazy and this is all the fault of her game experience. The anime is lively and refreshing that will keep you wild and roll over the floor.


Grand Blue

Don’t be deceived by the title as it sounds with a serious tone. This isn’t entirely related to the underwater world of diving, but rather, the reality of being in the early adulthood stage of life where people try their extent to experience the pinnacle of youth. Iori, the protagonist of the story, ends up meeting with bizarre weirdos and eventually learns to enjoy life while studying in college.

There is no linear plotline for the series, and the script is pretty chaotic yet full of funny moments that are unstoppable even when everything seems to be random. Characters are effortlessly humorous, and they tend to be relatable in many ways. It is highly recommended to people who are into more mature yet lighthearted views on the most exciting adulthood stage of life.



The anime is as funny as the daily lives of young people in prison. Nanbaka offers a unique taste in the comical side of the anime universe. You won’t get tired of watching different types of men spending their whole life in prison and their adventurous pursuits to break out the scene. What’s even more satisfying in the show is the surreal interaction among the characters, and it’s what makes the whole thing friendly to approach. These young men aren’t complicated as they seem, and they will totally give you the best laughter behind your stressful day. It might be something that is overlooked by anime fans, but it’s still worth to try.



The very famous popular anime title has never failed to produce a wide variety of entertainment from its eccentric main character, Gintoki, together with his friends, as they venture the fictional world of Japan’s Edo period. The episodic plot feels bizarre, but there are episodes that still develop and at the same time, manage to complement smoothly with the comical aspect of the show. It’s one of the best anime shows to fight your deadly boredom. Every anime fan knows how crazy the entire show is.


Sakamoto desu ga?

His name is Sakamoto, and you heard it right! He’s the perfect man for every woman out there. He’s good in everything though he seems weird most of the time. He acts cool and doesn’t fail to make you amazed by his idealistic views around him.

Sakamoto desu ga? is a good comedy anime that effortlessly delivers its unique sense of humor. It might not be as well-written as other shows of the same genre, but it’s enjoyable to watch the cheesiness of each character which remains on point even to the most random things.


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Sakura Chiyo is just your typical energetic teenager who struggles to express her feelings to his crush, Nozaki, who reveals himself as the popular manga artist. To Chiyo’s surprise, she ends up being the test subject for his manga works, and everything around her feels so different from her usual life.

Despite being labeled as romantic comedy, the anime is more on the comical side and doesn’t actually focus on Chiyo’s intimate feelings for Nozaki as you would expect it might develop. Their casual relationship is funny and somehow relatable especially if your world revolves around arts, comics and anything in between. Chiyo is a silly girl, but it’s really fun to watch her doing her supportive role for his idol.


Daily Lives of High School Boys

As what the title implies, the anime is literally a slice of life that tells the daily lives of young students in their most critical stage of adolescence. Their interaction with each other is simply light and fun, and it’s like immersing yourselves to their whole life story. Their coming of age portrays realistic views about youngsters who enjoy life to the fullest extent. Their randomness and silliness will totally bring you to the best world of crazy gags. The anime has its own way to produce unique and relatable characters that young viewers will totally enjoy watching.


The Comic Artist and His Assistants

Based on a 4-panel manga, The Comic Artist and His Assistants revolves around the life of a comic artist named Yuki Aito. He’s perverted by nature and doesn’t hesitate to draw things out from his ecchi delusions. That said, the anime primarily targets adult viewers who are into fanservice and harem antics. Though it seems that way as a predictable formula, it doesn’t fail to offer a good comical relief. It’s not a new taste to showcase over the table unlike other comedy series with unique spices, but it won’t make you bored either.



The anime has pretty interesting characters who are likable in many ways. The main cast is named Hina, a strange and expressionless girl who possesses superhuman abilities as psychokinesis. The whole thing about the show is composed of absurdity, weird and dorky stuff and doesn’t really get serious as it seems, however, characters have profound execution when it comes to their comical angles. The overall impact of the show might not be a complete top tier as viewers would expect, but it’s highly recommended to those who want real excitement and well-crafted animation.


SKET Dance

SKET Dance is a shonen anime that solely focuses on the humorous antics of high school students. It’s all about the crazy struggles of  Helper’s Club that is dedicated to improve the general disposition of Kaimei High School’s campus.

It’s a good comedy show with a huge number of interesting characters that offer a real fun entertainment. The long running 77-episode series is worth your time and doesn’t make you feel you’re watching an average comedy shonen. It has unique spices of humors and eccentric characters that will get you invested with. Though it’s full of enjoyable moments, the anime manages to complement perfectly with the dramatic elements.


Have you guys watched any of these series? Do you have other shows you would like to highly recommend? Let me know what you think.


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