If you were born earlier before 90’s or you had crossed the 90’s timeline, then most of you must have entered the gateway towards celebrating the anime’s millennial years where tons of anime shows got tremendous popularity worldwide. It is without a doubt that 2000-2009 line-up anime shows were the ones that allowed you to experience the beauty of the anime culture. You encountered various shows in both local TV network and streaming sites, or at least, got involved with tons of fandom around the web.

As you broaden your anime experience, you often choose to watch seasonal anime shows or those ongoing series you usually get hyped with. However, there are inexplicable moments you have to be highly selective and end up nothing but watch old anime shows more worthy than what you see on the current seasonal list. Would you agree on the unpopular opinion “Old anime shows are epic”? Have you heard someone who thinks Yuyu Hakusho is the best anime? Everything had changed in the span of 10 years as we entered the 2000s era, and you have come to realize there are bunch of shows that are absolutely rewatchable without getting bored and lethargic.

So, here are 10 anime series of the 2000s you will never get tired of watching all over again. Note: Titles are listed in no particular order.


Ouran High School Host Club

“Kiss kiss fall in love” is a famous line from the opening theme Sakura Kiss, and one thing is for sure, you wouldn’t skip any part of it no matter how excited you are to watch another episode. Ouran High School Host Club has been one of the highly recommended titles when it comes to a clever label of romantic comedy. It isn’t about the mushy interaction between the leads, but the funny yet brilliant script of each character which is constantly entertaining. What is truly fascinating in the show is that, all the characters are given decent highlights that are simply fun to watch. It is one of the best anime shows for your stressful days. It deserves a second season because everybody would want this endless entertainment by the host club members.


Skip Beat

Kyoko Mogami is one of the those teens who struggles to pursue something out from revenge. Skip Beat isn’t just about the typical cheesy vibes of a perfect romcom series because the show is purely an entertainment, and by that, it never fails to fill in the gap of boredom. The show is disastrously hilarious with the strong character of the male leads, Sho Fuwa and Ren Tsuruga, as they stick themselves to the showbiz world while the female lead, Kyoko, works hard to become a big star in the challenging world of top celebrities in a way to follow Sho’s path to seek revenge after betraying her. If you want a unique spice of romantic comedy, Skip Beat shouldn’t be ignored on the list.


Special A

Special A was one of the highlighted anime series during its peak season and one of the hottest anime shows on various streaming sites. It is about the rivalry of Kei Takishima and Hikari Hanazono as they have challenged each other since childhood from pro-wrestling to academic performance. While Hikari is always defeated by Kei, she still manages to show her soft side towards him and gradually falls in love with him. Aside from the romance and comedy, the anime has some heartfelt moments that are truly relatable. It also explores themes on teamwork and friendship in the stage of adolescence.


Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is a heart warming anime that explores the life of Tohru Honda, an orphaned teenage girl who moves out from her grandfather’s house due to ongoing renovation. With nowhere else to go, she eventually ends up living at the Souma household together with Kyo, Yuki and Shigure, and in return, she will do the housekeeping. To Tooru’s surprise, she discovers the secret that lies within the house, that is, if a Souma is hugged by an opposite sex, they temporarily transform into zodiac animal.

The show isn’t solely about the romantic relationship between the female lead and any of the handsome guys around her. It is rather about building a healthy relationship to one another, helping and treating each other like a real family and having a beautiful place that can be called home.


Angel Beats

If you love to watch a Japanese school setting and adventurous high school life, there’s no reason for you to skip Angel Beats. There’s more beyond the enjoyable life of being a high school student, and you can easily reflect yourself to the show. It is full of fun and intensifying action scenes that constantly make your ass stick on your seat as the characters play out in the most enjoyable manner. But I warn you. You have to prepare a thick ply of tissue paper around you. It definitely brings out the strongest emotions as you get to know some backstories of the main leads.



This is a perfect title for those who want a complete package of romantic comedy. The humor of the show is well-executed and blends smoothly with its romantic element. The chemistry of Ryuuji and Taiga is hilariously perfect and you can’t get enough of their disastrous interaction. Toradora is one of the top highly recommended romcom titles to date. It still deserves a wide attention among new comers in the anime community.


Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf highlights the concept of macro and micro economics in the medieval era that is constantly developed throughout the series while it incorporates various crisis and downfalls that the male lead, Kraft Lawrence encounters in his journey. Beyond that, what really stands out when it comes to Spice and Wolf is the romantic relationship between a human and a fox. While the male lead struggles in life as a travelling merchant, he meets a beautiful fox named Holo who possesses strong wit and helps the young merchant to solve problems involving trades, commerce and currency standards.


School Rumble

School Rumble is filled with great fun, humors and relatable moments of high school life. Despite being an airhead girl, Tenma Tsukamoto’s character is enough to brighten your moody days as she is a well-rounded teenager who is determined to pursue her goals, for example, winning her love interest, Oji Karasuma. Aside from the comical relief of the show, it also tackles various themes on family and friendship. There are a lot of interesting characters in the story that are equally given decent highlights and each of them has a good sense of hilarity that makes you end up laughing in the corner.



They said laughter is the best medicine, and Gintama has never failed to produce a wide variety of comical reliefs. It has an episodic plot that is purely for entertainment purpose, but there are some overarching stories with decent highlights of the characters. Despite having a heavy dose of craziness and humors, serious moments are still present in the show, but it manages to complement smoothly with the comedy. It is definitely one of the most effective anime to fight your deadly boredom. Gintama has become one of the global phenomenon upon its release in 2006.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The Elric brothers has become part of your lives, and you couldn’t just easily forget how they struggled to find the right path they believed it would lead them to the real meaning of life. Without a doubt, Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the big anime titles when it comes to well-crafted storytelling and decent character development. It isn’t just about the typical route of a male protagonist as that in a shounen series because what makes it unique is how it deeply reflects human nature, political matters, teamwork, friendship, and the most prominent theme in the show, family.


Have you watched any of these titles? Did you miss something interesting out from the list? Do you want to add something you would like to recommend to the audience? Let Kurumi hear your thoughts.


9 thoughts on “10 Anime Series of the 2000s You Will Never Get Tired of Watching All Over Again

  1. If Special A Ouran High School Host Club Angel Beats Get More Seasons I Would Watch Thoses Seasons I Was Not Born In The 200’s But Watching Those And The Rest Of These Made Me Happy After I Always Have Bad Days. 😬 Plus I Can’t Wait To See What New Anime Fans Will Say Good Things About? Who Is Your Two Favorite Characters From The Anime Special A?


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