The word “art” is a playful thing, a single syllabicated word but encompasses a wide diversity from the mere use of paper and pencil, paints and brushes, shading tools to making the universe as creative as possible with the use of passion and creativity. Your favorite series and films are entities of art. The best-selling comic books you love to binge read are products of art. Everything that is fueled up with such creativity for a great piece of work is simply called art. Your career requires the use of art, too. Everything around you is a work of art.

Japanese animation, or simply anime, is one of the most creative pieces of artwork that has been produced since the 20th century. Like any other on-screen shows from local to international, anime also requires skilled methods and techniques in graphic visuals and cinematography to produce the most realistic visual attraction out from the widest imagination. There is no way you couldn’t appreciate the effort of creators in the pop culture industry.


The creativity of the story in every anime series and how it greatly resonates with the emotions of the audience is one of the defining features of what the anime has to offer. It has a wide variety of genres such as romance, drama, comedy, action and a lot. That being said, there is no reason for you, whether you are not an enthusiast, to refer anime as a genre rather than a form of media. Like famous worldwide TV series and movies such as Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, anime is absolutely a stunner. Because of their increased intensity of excitement, fans have something in mind they would like to happen in a particular story. Sometimes, it ends up the way they had wished it to be. Most of the time, it doesn’t appeal to the growing fandom as they want something more than how the story plays out in the original work.

There is an alternative approach to something that is not fully met in the story the way you had wished it to happen – create new things, for example, Fanfiction, or Fanfic for short – a literary piece of work created by fans based on works by original creators. Make something you would want to happen in the said story. It is one of the healthiest methods to expand your creativity instead throwing your hurtful insults and violent threats to the original creators if you didn’t want a particular event in your favorite anime or manga. To the most part of the medium, it is more than just a technical skill to find your voice because your creativity matters the most, and it is what makes the anime community the most enjoyable place as it encourages a lot of fans to create something beyond their imagination.

Fanfiction creates an infinite number of plots and some branches on it out from what has printed out in the exact story. In fact, it provides a positive influence to the original creators as it makes them celebrate the existence of their own works because they fully understand that these fanworks define how their original works have made a tremendous impact among global fandom while giving the fans more expectation, and there goes their hype.

“Fanfiction isn’t copying – it’s a celebration. One long party, from the first capital letter to the last full stop!” – Jasper Fforde, One of our Thursdays is Missing

If you want to make the universe much colorful, your skillful techniques of using paint brushes and shading tools make the anime community more engaging. There have been many times you got frustrated because, for example, these couple must have ended up together, but they didn’t. That said, the thing called Fanart is also a good way to burst out your disappointment as you believe that a particular moment for characters could have been better. While you can’t express yourselves in words as making another story, fanart is a friendly method to expand things out from the reality. The way you picture out things can be expressed through simple sketch and colorful works as visualizing yourself as a professional manga artist. Your endless effort to the things you love the most should be acknowledged and be respected enough. At some point depending on the situation, it frustrates the privilege of the original artists, however, none of this negativity matters as long as these fanworks do not cause any inhumanity that will greatly ruin the anime industry.


Things get better with your inner creative mind. If you would like to twist something, then do it with creativity. If you would want to fill in something that you think it should have happened in between, make it happen. Some fans think that fanwork is illegal as it violates the copyright law, while some fans strongly believe that it is not a form of “copying” and rather a form of dedication to a great piece of work. Whichever you believe where it is most likely be, it is your passion that matters the most. You love making fanfiction because you possess strong devotion to a particular character or any notable element in the story. Making fanworks is a form of free-expression as long as you acknowledge the copyright material and preserve the integrity of original creators. Making fanworks is a way of showing how the original creators cause a massive impact on your daily lives, thereby making the creators be motivated to produce more works that appeal to the growing fandom.

Serious issues surrounding the anime community has become rampant particularly how the creators received negativity from obsessive fans who put so much hostility towards something that didn’t happen in a particular story the way they had wished it to be. The very famous controversy involving the anime Darling in the FranXX, for instance, has become one of the hottest trends that marginalized not only the anime industry, but also, the pop culture community in general. In this event, Ichigo, one of the heroines of the anime, received a number of cruel nicknames as “Bitchigo”, and the worst, the director and the voice actress were greatly affected by the toxicity as they received death threats from these hardcore fans. This is one of the most disappointing events that has been witnessed by the worldwide fandom. The negativity might hinder those who create great pieces of works, and that’s the sad reality that should not evidently emerge in the modern generation. That being said, it is important to encourage these frustrated fans to widen their thoughts and to divert their negativity by creating something that everyone enjoys. It is definitely not forgivable to harm others just because the original artists did not grant what these fans had wished for.


The universe has no limit as the world of art. If you don’t like a thing from the artist, express it with humanity. Create something you would like to enjoy. Make your own story. Be the artist yourself. Express your deep imagination with creativity and passion. However, you can not please everyone and be it. Let them express, too. That said, no one will be afraid to create new things with confidence.

3 thoughts on “How Fanworks Positively Influence the Original Artists in the Anime Industry

  1. This was an interesting read and I like the spirit of what you are saying. Fans can use their creativity to enhance and celebrate the things they enjoy, and it’s a great way for them to express themselves and get more out of their fiction than they otherwise could.

    But I’m not sure you covered why fanworks are looked at negatively by the original creators. There are scores of people who profit off the popularity of anime and other fictional characters that do not belong to them. Some manga artists are even asked at conventions to sign fan work, where they could be selling their own sketches, and it’s really insulting.

    Your line: “Making fanworks is a form of free-expression as long as you acknowledge the copyright material and preserve the integrity of original creators.” comes close, but it needs explanation. What does it mean to acknowledge copyright? Is the fan selling their fanwork? If so, unless they have licensed or otherwise have permission to use the original work from its owner, it indisputably violates copyright law.

    And before I look like I’m on a high horse, I’ve purchased unlicensed fan work myself. This is just something I’m trying to be more aware of because thinking “I’m buying the artist’s time” is being willfully ignorant of the damage caused to the original creator. I’m all for creating fanwork to celebrate something you love. I just think we as a community should try not to hide behind arbitrary excuses regarding copyright.

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    1. Wow! You make some great ideas for the topic, and I appreciate them a lot. Thank you! I strongly believe that making fanworks is the most effective alternative way to prevent such cruelty to the original artists. Imagine if fanwroks are not allowed in the community in accordance with the legality, fans would be mentally and emotionally affected resulting to psychological problems such as anxiety and depression, and the worst thing at the end, making violence to the original artists. These fans should not be discouraged to make such creative works. Instead being particular on the copyright thing, the original artists should rather be grateful to these fanwroks as they make the anime community a great place for freedom without threatening the original works inhumanely. However, legal issues surrounding the world of fanfiction has become one of the major concerns of some original artists. While it is true that fans are entitled to their own expression, their freedom should not be a reason for them to take advantage to sell these works (Yes, as what you have pointed out) unless fair use has been constituted. Fans need to enjoy creating these things passionately and confidently to express themselves, and that’s what freedom should be. I appreciate those original artists who enjoy fanworks, and I do think it’s a motivation for them to keep on working.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Cheers!

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