Earl and Fairy is a not-so-old anime series you have probably watched or encountered in various streaming sites. To tell it bluntly, I wasn’t supposed to watch this anime but my fangirl blood runs through my vein without any disruption. Drawing my attention to the hot blonde guy named Edgar, I was easily fascinated by his bishounen appeal from his ash mauve eyes to his flirtatious yet gentle gestures. I’ve been into male characters with blonde hair such as Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), Tamaki Suou (Ouran High School Host Club), Kyouya Sata (Kaichou wa Maid-sama), Wolfram (Kyou Kara Maou) and a lot from my treasured list. Enough for this fangirl talk, and let me give my quick review on this anime series.


Basically, the concept of the anime revolves around the two dimensional setting of the story, the human world and the fairy world. Edgar J.C. Ashenbert, the male protagonist of the story, is after the sword of the previous Blue Knight Earl. To achieve his ultimate goal, he chases after Lydia, known as the “fairy doctor” who has the ability to see and communicate with fairies and that she can help Edgar to obtain the sword that was supposed to be handed down to him by his family. It is just an ordinary yet adventurous journey between the two leads as they work together to meet their goal.



The involvement of fairies obviously denotes the fantastical element of the show, and I honestly dislike how they incorporate supernatural creatures in a Victorian era-inspired setting. You know, I love everything that pertains to history (e.g. Medieval period, prehistoric and ancient Japan) and watching the beautiful setting of the European-based story makes me want to travel back to the century. It could have been much better if those small fairies didn’t get involved amidst of the fantastical storyline because the arching of the narrative would have still ran smoothly without supernaturals in the human territory. A setting of human and fairy world separately without any fairies in the human world would have been fine instead. Sometimes, it feels like watching a mahou shoujo anime, cutesy things around when you see these adorable magical creatures in the human world, and it doesn’t suit perfectly the classy ambiance of the show. Fantasy is a good thing for the anime, however, it does not blend decently for the classical feel of the show.


The romance part between Edgar and Lydia keeps the anime to go with the dynamic flow of the story. Without their cheesy interaction, I don’t think the whole show would go on its success. Edgar has plenty of words towards Lydia, and on the other hand, it turns out to be unpredictable whether their relationship would reach to the highest extent of intimacy and somehow, it bothered me a lot which drew me to the finale. I know most of the viewers would just be dying to expect a scene more than just a kiss. With just a short number of episodes however, I wish there could be a second season to develop further the romantic essence of the show as it feels like a rush to watch how they easily wrap up the story with a fast-paced romantic development, although there is the presence of conflict that is easily resolved in the near finale and let it go on.


I would allow Edgar to stand in the brightest spotlight for his sexy and alluring appeal. His teasing action towards Lydia is quite a pleasure for the benefit of the audience. In contrast, the heroine is not as entertaining as the male lead to my disappointment. Lydia, despite a fully-dressed elegant woman of the Victorian ages, I find her character to be lack of sharpness in terms of her mental and emotional perception. I was expecting she would be the kind of female lead who possesses a strong personality and a brilliant mind to make the whole story a lot more promising than expected. The main problem about her is that, she lacks character development which makes the whole story prone to dullness although I can see her essence in the finale. Still, she didn’t leave a strong impression on me in most of the episodes.



Though Edgar and Lydia are the protagonists of the story, supporting cast such as Raven, behind his serious disposition still adds an engaging character antic along with his sweet-tempered boss, Edgar, who is pretty playful with his thoughts. His absolute obedience and loyalty to his master is admirable. At least, Raven didn’t get me bored and thanks to his charismatic appeal, plus his dark greenish eyes and tanned skin are unique physiques for his character design.

What I am not satisfied with is the animation. There are limited movements of the characters. I feel that every character remains static in their current disposition, mostly seen during a short course battle scene. It is done plainly, and the action part is totally boring. It is quite justifiable that this anime isn’t solely labeled as action, otherwise it would surely receive a rating below the average, and a reason to drop out the entire show is completely fine. I wasn’t expecting a good action from the very beginning of the story, but at least, animation should have been done fairly decent. The only thing that makes the entire visual excellent is the character design which is rich in outline and vibrancy. The contrast of the art is fairly good if you are a visually-oriented viewer.

The opening theme titled Feeling by Acid Flavor does not give off great excitement to start a new episode. It sounds good, but it isn’t capable to drive me so crazy, and I would skip it throughout. It doesn’t suit appropriately the overall mood of the show. The ending theme titled My Fairy which is emotionally performed by the voice actor of Edgar with his powerful rendition is much appreciated though, and I like it rather.


Earl and Fairy isn’t the type of series you would expect to be oh-so perfect by its first glance. It needs a lot of improvement though the whole entity tries its extent to win the heart of the audience. It is not an excellent fantasy genre to define it frankly, but the romance is finely average and potentially worth watching.


6 thoughts on “Earl and Fairy Review: A Fantastical Victorian Era

  1. This is hiliarious seeing this pop up on my twitter feed as I mentioned Lydia in my video for this week’s video. I fully agree that a season two would be needed as to develop edgar and lydia’s relationship. This series did leave me feeling dissatisfied in the end because it had so much potential. Edgar is beautiful nothing more to say on that. I loved the talking cat was cute but regardless still liked this show. Loved hearing your thoughts on this series XD

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    1. Wow! What a funny coincidence. Let me watch that video. 🙂

      The reason why I watched this series was the existence of Edgar. Although I was also expecting that the anime would offer me the best from the plot, I was not impressed to the most part of it. I wish they would develop Lydia further. Edgar is an interesting character and I’m satisfied with his role. 🙂 Nico is the cutest, really. I’m not interested to those small fairies in the human world. I find them annoying. Haha. 🙂

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      1. Your welcome to watch that video 🙂

        I was the same victorian setting, romance but nooooo my first impression was not what I wanted it to be. Edgar was bae mauahhh !!

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