Entering a battlefield must be tough. You don’t only wield your sword, dress up in a fully-suited armor and ride a horse as how you visualize a medieval era of crusaders to win a bloody battle. Resilience and valor are essential tools to awaken your fighting soul. After all, sustainability defines the ability to survive and how you adapt towards your environment. You need to thrive to win the game.

You might have not noticed but I am a big fan of Aria Kanzaki from the series Hidan no Aria because for some reason, she looks stunning with guns.  Yes, guns are amazing as you hear the wild shot towards your target. I was a little bored and I took the chance to browse lists of anime from the past years and eventually encountered this anime called Aoharu X Kikanjuu. As I read the plot, I got a little excited knowing it is related to guns and much more, the main leads are, well, bishies! And so, I decided to watch the whole series.


The main protagonist, Hotaru Tachibana, is a high school student with boyish looks, who gives importance to justice. She encounters Masamune Matsuoka who is mistaken as a pervert upon knowing her close friend has met him in a host club, and worse, Masamune proposes to settle their feud with firearms. Hotaru, being uninterested in such thing, still agrees to have a duel with the handsome host. On the other hand, Masamune soon realizes that this young student has a potential to enter a battlefield, and meanwhile recruits her to be a part of his team called “Toy Gun Gun” which could also allow her to pay for the things destroyed inside the club. However, for Hotaru, it seems that it’s more than about paying the debt as she gradually realizes that playing in a battlefield is fun, thus becomes her passion. But, her greatest struggle is that, she keeps her true identity as a girl a secret to both Masamune and Yukinura, or else….


Basically, it’s an action-packed show that depicts the extraordinary lifestyle of airsoft enthusiasts as playing in an open field with strong opponents who handle different styles of firearms from the well-known dessert eagle to everything that only a true enthusiast can identify. It has a unique appeal for me because I guess, this is my first time to encounter a series related to airsoft in a more realistic way despite there are some exaggerated stunts and dodging movement and the crazy bullet shots you might not believe it would happen in real life. Every viewer would feel like, “Why don’t you shoot him now?! Please stop your dramatic conversation.” It felt like it was the silliest done in the entire series. I laughed. Still, the action scenes are mostly good.


The gender bender concept is the most entertaining point of the series while it perfectly blends with the lighthearted comedy that drives further the entire show. Hotaru makes me remind of Haruhi Fujioka from the series Ouran High School Host Club from the way she looks to her overall disposition. This type of female protagonist creates the best spice in the show, and you will never know how Hotaru will reveal herself in front of the gorgeous Masamune and Yukimura.

The friendship among the characters, their comical sides and dramatic conflicts among their ego are enough for the audience to get in touch with the series despite you lack the interest in airsoft matters, just in case. While it mostly centers on the dramatic involvement among the characters, the series tries to maintain a good balance between the drama and the airsoft spectacle. It gives strong fascination to the viewers who love survival games as the series offers impressive battle scenes, and the realistic sound effects of firearms are highly addictive.


Teamwork is the central theme of the show. It portrays the reality of entering a battlefield as a team. It supports the fact that teamwork doesn’t need a selfish action, but rather, it requires a good coordination between the leader and the members, otherwise they might end up as losers. This is the point in the series where the conflict arises. While Hotaru is confident to enter a battlefield, Masamune prefers her to follow his command to come up with a better plan, thus winning over the strong opponents. This is where Hotaru works on his selfish action instead giving importance to his leader, and it further allows her character development at its lowest. I honestly hated Hotaru in this part. Still, her character becomes the most likable as the episode reaches the near finale.


This series shows that aside from the career you are presently into, there are still lots of great things out there that relieve your stressful life. Masamune works in a host club, but his life doesn’t only revolve around entertaining beautiful ladies, but he can also enter to the most adventurous world where he can showcase his strong enthusiasm to certain things. Yukimura is basically an Otaku who loves erotic manga, but comics aren’t his only treasure in the world as guns also play a big role in his isolated life. The series proves to the audience that being passionate to something beyond ordinary leads to total satisfaction as no one can hinder what you really want to do in life.

Despite bringing the audience to a good storytelling, what doesn’t appeal me is the theme song, more particularly the opening song titled “The Bravest Destiny” which sounds dull. It doesn’t outweigh the bishie characters in the video though their voice actors performed the song. They could have done a more upbeat and lively rendition which suits their charismatic appeal. If you don’t have any background with the series as reading the manga, you would feel like dropping the whole show as I felt. The first and second ending themes “Gunjou Survival” and “Tic Tac”, both sang by Miko Komatsu, voice actress of Hotaru Tachibana, are much appealing though as they go with the heavy beats of drums which perfectly blend with the overall feel of the show.

If you are easily fascinated by a good action and adventure, Aoharu X Kikanjuu is the one you’ve might been looking for. It doesn’t offer the best of everything but it surely gives the feeling of great excitement as you hear the wild shots of guns.


5 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest: Aoharu X Kikanjuu Review

  1. I kind of enjoyed parts of this show while watching it. Some of the comedy worked well and the action sequences were kind of interesting, however after finishing it I also found it fairly forgettable. None of the characters really left that strong an impression on me given I don’t remember a single name at this point. Still, it was entertaining for a once watch. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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  2. Wasn’t too big a fan of this one. The first episode had such a ridiculous start that I thought it might end up being worthwhile. By the end, however, it was fairly uninteresting and not something I would recommend personally. I thought it had some cool ideas though, just too unfocused.

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    1. It’s not highly recommended, that’s true. The anime is only good for entertainment purposes. I particularly enjoyed the interaction of the characters, their hilarity which pretty worked well. However, despite the unique concept as related to airsoft, the story isn’t something that appeals the eyes of the audience. Still, it is simply entertaining. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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