If someone inflicts pain onto you literally, do you do the same thing in return? Do you feel even better making them suffer for whatever wrong doings they do onto you? For instance, you feel the intense emotion, the strong feelings you hold when you deeply seek vengeance even for the simplest thing. As what the Code of Hammurabi stated, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, if someone does something wrong, he/she shall be punished in accordance with the extent of injury he/she inflicts onto somebody, as a form of compensation. However, do you think it will prevail justice? Contrary to the popular belief, Confucius once said, before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. This would mean that revenge does nothing where he encouraged people to let go of hatred as dignity is an important aspect to forget all the things that completely destroyed you.


In the case of Makabe Masamune, rejection is an unacceptable event for a man who has confessed his love to a woman. Aki Adagaki, his childhood crush, cruelly rejected him after confessing he liked her, and the worst thing, he was nicknamed “Pig’s Foot”. The fact he was rejected influenced him to renew himself to become a better man such as transforming himself into a hot guy from being a chubby boy. From his strict diet to working out routinely, he does everything to become handsome. When he encounters Aki in their school once again, she doesn’t, in any way, recognize him. Masamune finally takes an advantage to make his “Dead or Love” plan, where he will seduce her to make her fall in love with him, then he will eventually reject her.


The cliche of a romantic comedy is what the series offers as the strong point as getting rejected by someone else is a typical scenario that everything has changed someone’s life after the event. The beginning of the show starts off with a strong rendition of the two main leads who have opposite disposition – a gentle guy and a cold-hearted girl – which is somehow an average description for a revenge-related romcom series, but it never fails to maintain good character development. However, revenge is an unusual response when people experience unrequited love, and the protagonist perfectly fits to the image of a coming-of-age man who plays a big role in his romantic stage and shows vanity to become at least popular in the environment. Revenge would not only mean inflicting the pain back to somebody in a literal way, but it also pertains to the emotional aspect as returning the harsh words they received from somebody, and this is the plan that Makabe would want to happen.


The character of Masamune Makabe is the most entertaining spice of the anime. He doesn’t only possess the typical image of a romcom protagonist as being cool and a princely guy. He’s rather the character who inspires the audience for his determination towards something to achieve than making the fangirls hyped of his hotness, like treating him with royalty. He is more of a normal guy for me, not really that overly handsome man contrary to his description. Maybe, it’s just his confidence that makes him a lot more handsome than what everyone has expected him to be. The time he first appeared in the show, I easily got interested in his character because he doesn’t actually seem to be a dumb protagonist whose only role is to make a fanservice. Well, the show has a little fanservice, but it tries to stick with the romantic comedy genre rather than being a total harem show.


While I love the existence of Makabe’s humor, the female lead Aki Adagaki however, doesn’t show any likable character when it comes to her actual response towards her environment. She’s cruel to any guys who confess to her and much more, she gives hurtful nicknames to them. I was like, “what’s wrong with this girl?!” and I knew, this was just my initial response when I was watching the first episode.


The narrative of the show is easy to follow, and it doesn’t seem to have an episodic plot like other romcom series. It is simply not boring. There is the arching of the story, and the middle of the anime feels more intense. I like the feeling it gives me great excitement to further watch the show. It follows directly the goal of the protagonist, and it doesn’t insert any senseless events for the plot. There are different varieties of humor, lots of interesting comical sides of the characters especially when you get to know Aki who despite her cold demeanor, her gluttony and clumsiness which are unknown to others are enough to make a single episode very entertaining. This was the moment I realized her strong character is more on Tsundere type who can also show a warmer side of her character.

Silver Link studio did an excellent job for bringing Tiv‘s masterpiece illustration into motion. It’s pretty impressive to have the studio in the industry because they also produced popular titles like Kokoro Connect and Baka to Test. The production is decent as to the overall feel especially how it presents the actual character of Makabe’s charming disposition and portraying the hostile personality of Aki.

I like the lightheartedness of the opening theme titled “Wagamama Mirror Heart” performed by Ayaka Osashi, the voice actress of Aki Adagaki. It gives me the feeling that a new concept of romcom anime has been born. While the ending theme titled “Elemental World” sung by Choucho has a slow rendition yet sounds so gorgeous that I wouldn’t want to skip the song throughout.

If you’re the type of anime fan who easily gets attracted to the cliche of a romantic comedy series but gives you the most hyped feeling, then Masamune-kun no Revenge might be the one you’ve been looking for. It isn’t a masterpiece show storywise but doesn’t fail to offer good entertainment.


4 thoughts on “Masamune-kun no Revenge – Review

  1. I didn’t watch this anime as it aired although it seemed somewhat interesting, but I realised the plot is actually very similar to another manga I’m reading now, Last Game.

    Would you say it’s worth watching it now for the rom com factor given that this season doesn’t have a lot of great series?

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    1. The past season didn’t offer lots of good series, and I was a bit disappointed. I encountered Masamune-kun no Revenge by chance and I’d say it gives the greatest highlight among the list throughout the season. It’s good to watch as a romcom series, compared to other anime of the season with the same genre. 🙂

      I also realized it has a little similarity to the manga “Last Game”. I haven’t started the manga though it’s highly recommended these days.

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