Keeping your crazy side a secret is hard. Your strong enthusiasm to certain things -as being an Otaku– might have an extremely negative connotation to people around you but it shouldn’t bother you in the first place because the most important thing in this world is being yourself and that is, your authentic version, that people should accept you for who you are. Nobody should stop you from doing what you want as you stand for respect, love and freedom. After all, this is your happiness. 


For Kae Serinuma, the female protagonist of the series Watashi ga Motete Dousunda, being a Fujoshi is her way of life. Her world is full of Boys Love fantasies and would rather make fictional thoughts on two gorgeous boys being romantically paired up with each other. She keeps on shipping and that’s enough to complete her day.

Here are the struggles, in the funniest way, that our beloved Fujoshi queen typically meets along her way.

1. Trying to act normal in front of everyone

Does everyone know you love BL? This was the first struggle that Kae Serimuna encountered as a huge BL fan. To hide her addiction and keeping it as her darkest secret challenged her. As soon as everyone around her discovered her true obsession, they learned that being her true self was the best for her. She eventually became more expressive with her BL fantasies and allowed her good-looking male buddies to accompany her in every BL journey.


2. The struggle to hide your BL manga

You can do whatever you want inside your room, however, when somebody would try to enter through it, it’s like the end of your messy world. In the case of Serinuma, she hastily wiped out all the scattered BL comics inside her room. Those revealing, erotic book covers surely aren’t decent for the eyes, but it doesn’t matter. They still like her for who she is, because after all, that’s the source of her happiness.


3. The need to attend BL conventions

All these BL events are just around the corner. You just simply drool over those attraction at BL conventions as there are many items to dream about – plush dolls, action figures, manga and lots. But the most frustrating part, you do not have much money to buy all of them as the struggle of Serinuma, so you might end up purchasing cheap items and in accordance with your priority.


4. A rift in shipping means a rift in friendship

The letter X plays a big factor in shipping. It’s like a pitcher-catcher relationship in baseball as how the series describes it. For some Fujoshi, it’s a real big issue. This was the moment when Serinuma argued with his close friend Nishina regarding a couple in a BL series they are a fan of, which character holds a reign in a romantic relationship. I loved watching them clashing over this simple matter because I could also imagine BL fans in the real world.


5. BL over Otome life. 

Instead of fantasizing these hot guys to date her exclusively, Serinuma would rather obsessively make creative imagination of these guys dating each other. That’s her daily bread for sure, and you can’t stop her, can you?


And therefore….! 



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