Today, I am deeply humbled and honored to accept this award. This is another moment for me to express myself. Yay! Big thanks to Avathenerd for nominating me. Follow her awesome blog as she enters the world of randomness into the most adventurous way. 


  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
  • Select up to 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

How everything started…

Way back my early high school days, blogging didn’t enter my mind at all, or simply, I didn’t find writing as a tool to put my passion into words and phrases, I would find it time consuming, really. I was just the type of Otaku who merely spent most of the time watching anime and reading manga, and that was enough for me within a 24-hour lifestyle to show everyone my enthusiasm towards those things I like the most. As I watched lots of anime series of different genres, my mind couldn’t resist to make feedback on those series I finished watching, whether it would be positive or negative. From then, I used to post comments on anime forums and made active interaction with online friends, and I thought it was really fun. Along with the excitement I felt that time, an idea suddenly came into my mind, and that was – I’d love to express more of my strong passion for the anime and the likes, and that was the exact moment I started to make a piece of write up, random thoughts and everything imaginable in my old notebook, reviewing a certain series I had watched or read. So I finally realized, writing is totally fun.


Due to social influence from an Otaku friend, I started blogging when the old social networking site called Friendster was at its peak which almost dominated the youngsters around 2005-2006. I used to post my mini reviews in their bloggers’ area, it was just plain and I only posted words without related images. Nonetheless, I received various positive feedback from my friends. I kept on blogging and found out this is an alternative way to satisfy my frustration I have never achieved because I had deeply realized I love to write a lot, to express myself in a more realistic manner.


Because I wanted a broader sense of social interaction, I firstly decided to move to Blogspot with the domain name which started in 2010, and it lasted shortly, just within a year because I had an account on Tumblr which I personally thought I could make a lot of friends there, and I particularly liked the sense of simplicity to post something. At the end, due to a number of reasons, I eventually decided to utilize WordPress officially and continue to devote myself in the bloggers’ community.


I’m not in the best position to give pieces of advice for the beginners in the world of blogging, but at least, I can offer two major tips I have learned from my experience.

  1. Start it simple and do it little by little.

Take it easy at first. When I say simple, I don’t mean you wouldn’t make an effort to make your blog outstanding, but it is really important to make a plan of what to write in your blog as it requires a gradual method to come out with something.  For example, you would want to start a blog that mainly consists of anime related things, and you would want to talk about something you have recently watched. Of course, it’s really hard to think how to start your post. Well, don’t worry, that’s a normal feeling. My best advice is to keep on posting your opinions and random thoughts on them like how you randomly comment in various anime related threads. Then organize those thoughts in the simplest way. Yes, don’t make it complicated. You don’t need to possess that academic writing skills like using deep words and creative phrases. Be simple until you reach the point you will find out what’s more to burst out in your manner of blogging. As you go on further, you will suddenly realize the beauty of blogging to express yourself.

2. Be true to yourself 

We often have our inspiration and we would love to be somehow similar to them, however, don’t overdo it. Yes, it feels great to see their highly favorited post and reviews, how they deeply express themselves, how they can make that wide imagination on certain things, but don’t be pressured about it. Just be yourself and don’t let anybody name you after a certain popular blogger. Don’t try to be like others as someone else think you should be. Your goal in blogging should be an expression of yourself, not to impress everyone around you. You have your own method, you possess that skills you would want to open up yourself. If you can do that, everyone will guarantee your authenticity. After all, the best feeling is being the real you who is greatly appreciated by others.

Again, thank you for this opportunity. It’s a great pleasure to be one of the nominees in this big world of bloggers. Now, it’s my turn to list my nominees. I know most of them already encountered this award. They just truly deserve to receive my mention since they are undeniably awesome bloggers.


6 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award

    1. Yes, I love to write a lot. I’m not that good but I consider it as my hobby, rather than a profession that requires academic knowledge. I write to express, not to impress. That’s it. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by. I hope we will get along well as anime bloggers.

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