Today I’m going to review another Pop vinyl figure. I absolutely love to collect Pop animation figures and I considered it as one of my addiction these days. Aside from its cuteness from their dilated eyes to their petite body, authentic pop figures are quite affordable and reachable in various stores and legit online shops and I don’t need to do a long term goal to get it.

I finally got my Pop Sailor Moon. She is my all-time favorite mahou shoujo character and she makes me remind of my childhood memories, an ultimate nostalgia to simply define it, because the old Sailor Moon series will never be forgotten. Guess what, I have chosen the Hot Topic figure which means, those products that are exclusive under the Hot Topic company, and you will further notice a little alteration as to the original design which makes them distinctive among other Pop vinyl. Without further ado, let’s take a short glance on this stylized collectible.


The box has a shoujo-like appearance which is adorably made for fangirls out there because it’s quite girly with its dominant pinkish color which I definitely love about it. At the back you can see other characters and there is the default sailor moon vinyl, too, and you can see now the difference from the hot topic exclusive if you look closely the picture.  Nothing much difference, right? I have also wanted to buy the Sailor Jupiter, but I am out of savings though I’ve mentioned Funko products are quite affordable. So next time, probably.

The head-to-toe sculpture is well-molded with detailed edges particularly the front upper part of the body. The face has a good texture and looks flawless as to other vinyl figures. However, the hair part has lesser outline which I think they didn’t put much attention and I wasn’t that contented and the painting on the fringe part is somehow messy. I don’t know if I was too lucky enough I got this sloppy one. Despite that, the upper and the lower body does satisfy me specifically the anterior part, because the back part has a bad paint job. The Luna figure adds additional cuteness for the whole product with its neatly done structure and painting as well.

Now, the main point with this figure is the moon stick which I guess is not a big deal if you choose whether the default or this exclusive figure. It’s just they add a little part from the default one, plus alteration to the hand gestures, which I don’t mind at all. But well, if you want that “Hot Topic” sticker to include in the box, then this vinyl figure is for you. But if you don’t mind choosing the other figure, then you don’t need to worry because there is no wide difference between them as to its physical appearance.

Overall, this vinyl figure is just okay, not that outstanding but at least satisfies my Funko addiction. You will get hyped at first, but it’s more on scrutinizing the whole figure. This cute Pop animation is simply good as one of my collectibles.



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