I shall give credits to one of my otaku buddies in the town who enthusiastically recommended Shokugeki no Soma. I’m not into culinary arts or whatever that associates with that type of specialty, but as far as I remember way back my younger years, I enjoyed watching those old long run anime series like Cooking Master Boy and Yakitate Japan on local TV networks, and so, that was the irony. Those anime series offered a lot of excitement that brought me to the most adventurous world where mouthwatering aroma of foods diffused in every corner. With Shokugeki no Soma, my appetite has just increased little by little.


The story starts off with a simple yet sought-after diner, the Yukihira’s diner which is managed by Joichiro Yukihira who is a professional chef, and his son, Soma Yukihira, the main protagonist of the story, who helps his father to cook various delicious foods in the diner. Without a prior notice, Yukihira’s father needs to leave the place for a new job that requires him to travel around the world. His father then challenges Yukihira to enter Totsuki Academy, an elite culinary school, to pursue a career to become an outstanding chef. Without even being aware what the academy would offer him, Yukihira soon realizes that he enters the most challenging yet adventurous journey towards his career where he encounters different types of elite people who are highly admirable when it comes to skills and background as young chefs. But of course, our young boy wouldn’t allow himself to be on the bottom line. And so, let the cooking showdown begins!

Shokugeki no Soma, also known as Food Wars!, is blended with adventurous spices to savor deeply and to satisfy your cravings for a good series. The 24-episode anime (season 1) is enough to fill up your gastronomic emptiness with various heavenly menus and fragrance from those dishes stimulate your olfactory receptors while it reaches your nerves all over your system. Every episode triggers your hunger mechanism with a battle between knives, introducing different styles of dishes from Asian cuisines, European to Western cuisines. So, you just have to sit and do nothing, just swallow and drool over the floor.

This anime introduces a new world of food which is far from other series of the same genre as a cooking battle. The strong point of the series is the fact that it allows the viewers, either a food enthusiast or not, to understand the reality of dishes and the challenging career of a young chef. From the presentation of various ingredients while showcasing their own methods of cooking until they finally present their finished recipe to the god-like tongue of the panel, everything is filled with realistic vibes for a cooking showdown. I consider the anime as one of the best cooking shows because it does not only deliver a realistic battle of foods. It also shows the actual feelings of young chefs, the breathtaking battle against a strong opponent and the pressure from a large audience. It’s way too realistic for a cooking showdown that gives an ultimate chef-like feeling especially for viewers who are into culinary arts. After all, food is the center throughout the show that speaks louder more than any encounter in the series.

The story flows smoothly fine. It is simply about young students working together towards their dream to become a prodigy while battle continues among these aspiring chefs. The plot is quite mainstream as there is the idea of a character who is trying his best capabilities to surpass something, and that can be seen in various shounen series. Despite the overused idea of the creator, the good thing is, it does not only focus on Yukihira’s path, but also, the entire series gives highlights to the other characters such as Megumi Tadokoro, one of the main heroines, who has one of the highest character development in the series as she gradually learns to overcome her fears as episodes go further; Mito Ikumi who is a meat specialist and also helps Yukihira for a good choice of meat to his recipe; the cheeful Yuki Yoshino who gives dynamic ambiance in the group; the comical Satoshi Isshiki who takes a big role in the group and is a also a perfect source of attention among viewers as he, most of the time, wears nothing but a little clothing of apron; Takumi Aldini, the ultimate rival of Yukihira yet a worthy competitor for a challenging showdown, and other supporting characters are also given the chance to show their best role on screen.

Incorporated with a good comedy, the series is given a plus factor towards the success of the entire season. With Yukihira’s dorky personality yet has a good sense of humor from his confident eyes and his all-for-nothing disposition, everything is surely a boredom killer. Every character in the series, behind their serious dedication towards their career as a chef, has an entertaining side that they want to be known by others. You will surely laugh at their comical moments, too.

Apart from the well-blended comedy, the most sizzling aspect of the show is the ecchi genre. I believe fanservice is also an effective way to grab the attention of seventy-five percent male viewers out there. Female characters in the series have this hyperbolic expression upon tasting a delicious recipe, and of course, exaggeration is a part of the show, and I can’t see nothing wrong about it because although you’re only visually attracted to those delicious dishes on screen, you can also relish the reality of dishes from top to its bottom part by just the response of their god-like taste buds.


I particularly like the character of Yukihira Soma. He may seem the wimpiest character as those average-looking male protagonists in most shounen titles but there are lots to discover behind those playful eyes. He contributes different life lessons throughout his experience in the academy, and a common example that everybody should ponder upon is that, we learn from our mistakes. Yukihira always shows his determination to become the best chef as his father. He simply accepts his weaknesses and easily tries to renew things from those scratches and that makes his edge among the elite students in the academy including Erina Nakiri who, in contrast to Yukihira, has a high expectation for herself, a total perfectionist to simply define her.

J.C. staff produced another series that has decent animation. They made everything excellent from the way they portrayed the characters to the highly anticipated cooking showdown. Their animation becomes more decent these days as those scrumptious dishes which are impressively realistic including those superb moves of the characters and the presentation of different cooking methods..

The first opening theme for the first fourteen episodes is titled Kibou no Uta by ULTRA TOWER which is just enough to satisfy your ears with its entertaining tune, a complete shounen package that introduces the characters in the TV length video. The second opening theme for episode fifteen and onwards, titled Rising Rainbow by Misokkasu, is also good to listen which makes you crave to the highest extent for more delicious dishes of various styles. However, I prefer the first theme rather because it gives greater excitement and anticipation for a good shounen series. Whilst the first ending theme, Spice by Tokyo Karan Koron, sounds lively and has a soft, cutesy melody by the performer. The second ending theme Sacchan’s Sexy Curry by Seiko Oomori gives a shoujo-like feel that ends the show with a delighted mood.

If you’d like to enter a world where foods exist in every corner more than how you have imagined, then Shokugeki no Soma is the perfect series for you that provides a wide variety of spices. Whether you are a food enthusiast or not, you will simply love this entertaining show. So, let the food wars begin!


7 thoughts on “The Spice is Real: Shokugeki no Soma (Season 1) – Review

  1. Yo! It’s really good to meet another Filipino anime blogger! Yoroshiku! I can’t seem to get started with this anime though I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of good reviews! Thanks for dropping your inputs!


    1. Hi there, fellow anime bloggerI Nice to meet you and your awesome blog. Shokugeki no Soma is a good series, really. I hope you will enjoy the show in case you would want to take a try on it. Thanks for dropping by anyway.


  2. I like SNS anime because it presents many unique dishes. There are not anime that makes me feel hungry just watch/read it.

    So in my blog, I collected unbelievable dishes from Shokugeki no Soma that might catch your eye.

    ps. if you have some interesting food anime, tell me please. Just SNS is not enough.


    1. Hi there! Yes, the anime makes you feel hungry. I have always wanted to taste those dishes of various style in the series. I was also planning to make SNS-inspired dishes, and that could satisfy my cravings.

      Hey, I was browsing your blog and found out you love Oregairu. So do I. 😊


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