Surprisingly, Your Lie in April has been the talk of the social media since it was first broadcast on various networks. Have you ever wondered why this anime series grabbed the soul of many fans out there? To be honest, I wasn’t really interested when a number of people had been talking about it, making it to the top trend world wide during its peak season. It’s probably because the title of the series sounded dramatic to me, but I also believed that theidea could be misleading. Either of the two probabilities, I didn’t force myself to watch it. A thought came into my mind the need to watch the series to soothe my heart, at least, after watching various action-packed series. I could hold myself for the meantime to watch other anime with different genres aside from the typical shounen route. And I did it.


Kousei Arima is just an ordinary boy who loves music. However, his childhood memories remain the most tragic event throughout his life when his mother passed away, the only person who forcefully let him continue his music career. As he grows up, he would avoid his soul to enter the music world until he meets this blonde beautiful girl in the name of Kaori. Contrary to his belief, Kousei gradually learns to trust his ability to play the piano with the help of Kaori. The two become much closer towards their chosen path in their journey.

The 22-episode series is blended with two main genres – drama and romance. I am more interested in the sentimental aspect of the series since the title confuses me, although honestly, I already had the idea how the events would flow but not quite sure, and I didn’t really trust my own thought for that moment until I came to the point I saw it with my own eyes. Everything flows just smoothly fine as other series of the same genre which starts off with a getting-to-know phase when you meet a stranger and discovering the strong points and weaknesses of one another, then a conflict arises among themselves and towards the people around them. However, despite the typical beginning of these middle schoolers’ journey, I therefore say, it’s not exactly what you think as a story of youngsters in love. As you go through the series, everything will touch your heart, your nerves and your soul which will make you eventually describe the series in just one word – masterpiece.

Whoever loves classical music would get hyped to watch this series. There is the deep and passionate sound of piano keys in most of the episodes. While watching every performance of Kousei, I felt like I was also one of the audience who was auditorily captivated by the emotions that his musical composition delivered.


What makes the series a lot more special is that the lesson it delivers to the viewers which is simply about overcoming the barriers in life and to simply follow what your heart desires. When I say barriers, I mean Kousei’s psychological trauma during his childhood, but as he grew up, he learned to unrestrain himself from the darkest side after he met his inspiration, Kaori Miyazono.

Romance wise, the two main leads involved in the series, Kousei and Kaori, have remained a closed relationship as both enthusiasts of music, and both have grown to support each other’s side although throughout the series, Kousei doesn’t have a definite confession to Kaori and focuses more on his action and thought to show how he really cares for her. A love polygon is depicted in a mysterious manner. Tsubaki Sawabe, Kousei’s childhood friend, is secretly in love with Kousei and firstly denied her feelings for him; Ryota Watari, Kousei’s best friend, likes Kaori, and Kaori on the other hand, seems to enjoy Watari’s company. The romantic involvement perfectly blends with the emotional ambiance, and I couldn’t ask for more climactic point of its intimacy since I knew from the very beginning that the series will likely focus on the tear-jerking parts of the story. Well, enough for a lovey-dovey moment for now. The show isn’t a fan-service after all, and you shouldn’t expect it will offer you that typical romcom vibe.


What I mostly admire in the series is the existence of Kaori whom I consider as one of the best life lessons. She proves that everyday is always a bright day like how cherry blossoms spread their brightest colors in spring season. Simply, don’t live life with regrets. I really admire how she keeps on working her best through her music to touch the heart of everyone around her especially Kousei. It sounds cliched how she portrays life, but you must admit, to those who have watched the series, she stimulated your lacrimal gland, and you didn’t prepare any tissue around you.


Incorporated with great articulation, the music entity of the series gives a high factor towards the success of the overall feel of the show. The notable classical pieces of what the characters would best offer through their best symphony truly captivates the ears while it draws the audience into a world where happiness and sadness coexist. Everything emotional is all packed in just a single performance. The medley of Kousei’s piano and Kaori’s violin is perfectly and smoothly done like watching an actual orchestra. It is simply realistic and impressive. 

The character designs are pretty well-done and truly loaded with visual attraction. Kousei is created perfectly as to his role as a prodigy, a four- eyed student who maintains his humble disposition. Kaori’s design is exactly what everyone had imagined from the description of a gorgeous blonde girl. Emotions of the characters are highly portrayed in a realistic way which suit appropriately for the sentimental aspects of the show.

Overall, Your Lie in April is a total masterpiece. The beautiful melodramatic show is a must watch and shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking for a series with lots to offer. It will absolutely strike your heart.


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