Something about the humans studying forbidden magic that could end the world, and they call it Seraph of the End. And now you’ve gained some information about the roots behind the big clash between the humans and the vampires, you might be more suspicious as to the whereabouts of both sides. While Yuu keeps on believing that humans are his family, others especially Mika, insist the underlying thought they are just using him for spellcraft experimentation.

After you witnessed the near finale in the first season where Yuu transformed into a fearsome beast and suddenly experienced loss of consciousness, here comes a new chapter of their journey as the Japanese Imperial Demon Army continues their noble extermination along with Yuu’s goal to save Mika from the hands of vampires. While the first season introduces a brief discussion of the anime with the main cast and what to expect with their role, this new season rather focuses on the battle between the humans and the vampires with new characters who play a big role throughout the series, and there are highlights to those characters who have less appearance, or once seen, in the first season like Kureto Hiiragi, the Lieutenant General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.


With the additional 12 episodes for the series, the new season is more exciting as you will discover and find the clue what has been remained unanswered in the first season which includes the real motive of Guren towards Yuu’s humanity and the objectives of vampires to human, vice versa. This second season contains more action-packed scenes where the main cast unleash their weapons realistically during a battle, the endless clash of swords, guns and lots of spellcrafts, however, there are more violence as bloody war and inhumane acts are evidently seen in the season. Both sides are just merciless, the humans become more ruthless aiming for their goal to have a vampire-free country while the vampires tend to reign and overpower everything. With this kind of concept however, the series gets low potential due to lack of creativity because the idea of war between opposing groups fighting for something is too mainstream. What makes the series different from others of the same scope is the presence of Shinoa’s squad because they are somehow at neutral point as they are against Kureto’s plan which makes them, without a choice, to have a battle with other humanity as well. They end up deciding on their own, escaping for their sake and surviving from the dirty hands of humans and vampires.

The storyline flows smoothly and no fillers have been noted, and it shows promising battles between the humans and the vampires which are mostly seen in the near finale especially when it comes to Yuu’s strategy who possesses a stronger personality – becomes rather careless during a battle yet maintains a fearless disposition more than a human’s ability, together with his cursed gear, Asuramaru.

I prefer the theme songs in this season particularly Two souls towards the truth by fripSide as the opening and Orarion by Nagi Yanagi as the ending. The opening theme has a good melody and has a lively music video. It introduces many characters including the antagonists so you will expect a lot of roles in the series. The ending theme sounds fairly fine, and I particularly like the lively drums that blend well with the performer’s soft voice.

Overall, Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen becomes more exciting to watch. It offers good animation, well-crafted characterization and has a fast-pacing story. But firstly, you better start watching the first season for you to appreciate this new season.


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