I finally received my item from a trusted online shop, and thanks to VGC toy shop. I was too excited to have my own Saiyan Goku vinyl figure, so I would like to give my short review of the item from outside to inside the box. Of course, it looks cute from the outside, but how much would you resist if you look through its window. 

The packaging comes in good condition, no damage has been made, and it is neatly presented. The window is very clear which is appropriate to display in your room as a figure collector.

At the back of the box, you can see other characters of the series aside from Saiyan Goku which will motivate you to catch them all. I’ve chosen to buy the Saiyan Goku over the default version because it’s more stylish and I simply love Saiyans, but I’m still planning to collect them all. The left side of the box shows the whole illustration of the figure in animation which is exactly similar to the figure inside.

The  figure itself is perfectly done. It is simply cute with its 3 3/4 inches tall. The well-detailed hair is what I particularly love in the overall design. You would rather appreciate it if you are a fan of dragon ball because you’re already familiar as to the outline of the character.

The very distinctive features of this figure are the bluish eyes and the blonde eyebrows, because funko pop normally has black cute round eyes similar to a doll’s eye, but this Saiyan is far different from others.

The painting is neatly done and rich in color from head to toe, from front to back, and I can’t see any flaws as to it. The sculpture is made outstandingly especially the head part, and you can see the lines over it that add more emphasis for the character’s hairstyle.

Overall, I’ll rate the figure as excellent. I was simply stunned when I firstly handle it, and it was like a dream come true to meet this cute vinyl figure.


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