You’ve never experienced one of the best childhood memories, whether you are an anime fan or not, if you didn’t have the chance, at least once, to watch Son Goku and his friends as they go on with their journey to save the universe. And yes, several years have passed by since the birth of our hero became the hottest trend in the old anime generation. You have witnessed how Goku grew up from his old chibi days to the point he learned to unleash his true power, then became the strongest of Saiyan, the great protector of the whole universe and the most admirable hero among kids out there.

Everything about Dragon Ball is surely a great nostalgia and this year has just given you the chance to look back from those bittersweet memories you’ve been longing for. Thanks to another franchise, Dragon Ball Super. The story’s timeline is set after the defeat of Majin Buu, and the planet Earth has returned to its peaceful life. However, another powerful antagonist will make his way to destroy the humankind in the name of Beerus, the so-called God of Destruction.

Dragon Ball Super is an all-new series of Dragon Ball and maintains the originality of the character design of Akira Toriyama. However, you might be already familiar of the storyline since Beerus has been already introduced in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods which makes the series lack of creativity. To simply put it, the new series delivers a well-detailed storyline that supports the said movie but it is pretty disappointing to watch the same events.

There is more entertainment in the show which is prominently seen in the first few episodes. There are tight bondings among the families and you’ll notice Vegeta to be less stubborn as he, at least, cares for his wife Bulma and shows more affection rather than being a dense husband. The series offers a lot of enjoyment in most part of a single episode and it is somehow refreshing for the eyes to see Bulma’s birthday celebration in a very huge ship where all the characters gather. Goku has never changed from being the dorkiest hero as he would always make the perfect entrance in a certain situation, and I’m particularly referring to the cliche part, ever since the old generation, where everyone is almost wiped out by a strong antagonist, then out of the blue, here comes Goku for the rescue.

Battle scene between Goku as the God of Saiyan and Beerus isn’t satisfying. It is quite boring to watch them throughout because it does not show simultaneous action-packed moves, has a very slow pace and looks like both the opposing characters are just playing purely for fun. They do not portray serious disposition unlike when Goku had his match with other powerful villains, such as Cell and Buu.

There is a big improvement as to the animation where everything becomes modernized such as the strong color in the character design which provides a fine scheme for the art with thick outlines, clear appearance of the setting and the way it delivers a good animation in a battle scene is fairly good. You’ll rather appreciate Goku’s transition from the old generation several years ago which is prominently seen in the series, as well as other characters’ rich concept as to character designs.

The opening theme Chōzetsu☆Dynamic! by Kazuya Yoshii perfectly fits well to the mood of the series. It sounds lively as the characters in the series. While the ending theme Hello Hello Hello by Japanese rock band Good Morning America is very refreshing to ears. However, themes of this new DB series doesn’t have a nostalgic feeling and the old ones are surely be missed. For sure, everyone misses the golden voice of Hironobu Kageyama, our very own Mr. DBZ.

To sum up, Dragon Ball Super is not that excellent when it comes to overall feel. The show is good that it provides a little time to reminisce those longings from the past. The old DB series is incomparably outstanding.


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