Cosplay, in the simplest way to define it, is an art of dressing as a fictional character. More often, it is merely a hobby that everyone enjoys with all the well-detailed costume, perfectly done hairstyle and make-up, and every habit that will turn them into the reality out from the fantastical world. While they enjoy doing all these stuffs, have they asked themselves if it’s enough to simply dress as the character? Though cosplay is considered as an art and a hobby at the same time however, one should possess the most important thing and that is, the strong passion. Knowing the character and giving justice for the character provide the most concrete definition of cosplay. It makes the character comes into life more than just dressing as a total perfection. After all, to be a cosplayer is to be a fan. It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap your outfit is. As long as you can express yourself genuinely, your cosplay is such an achievement.

Cosplay has been one of the most popular cultures in Japan since early 90s and has a widespread in other Asian countries such as China, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Added to that, it has a rapid growth of popularity in Western countries which covers its culture half of the globe. Attending cosplay conventions has become a lifestyle, whether you go with your cosplay outfit, or just simply dress as Japanese-y, or just be in a casual wear. Everyone enjoys watching different events, taking a look at various booths, entering a maid cafe, making yourselves dazzled by the gorgeous butlers, and the most usual routine for attendees is that, taking a picture with their favorite cosplayers.

As cosplay dominates various countries, a lot of people become more enthusiastic with the beauty of the culture. It’s a way to show who they are rather than how they should be. Cosplayers can become an icon in the conventions and in the world wide web, too. Some of them may consider as professionals as they can make every fictional character out from the wide screen. They are simply effortlessly amazing with the great passion they possess, more than just having beautiful faces.

I will be mentioning my favorite international cosplayers who make every fictional character comes out in flesh. They prove to the world that the cosplay culture isn’t all about being a fashion icon.

KANAME (Japan)

I can’t even remember how I exactly discovered this handsome cosplayer but all I can say is that, he is pretty well-known as one of the best Cloud Strife cosplayers. I was simply stunned how he effortlessly portrayed the character like I was watching the Cloud in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children with the way he shows the facial expression, how he executes that gigantic sword, and even the whole outfit is perfectly done. He has successfully brought life every fictional character and can manage to show their signature moves. His Sanji (One Piece) cosplay is one of my favorite because apart from the close-to-perfection looks that Kaname makes for Sanji, he can manage to portray the habits and personality of the character, those cool moves and the perverted look on his face.

Cosplay is an element of Japanese pop culture, but it’s also something that crosses borders and unites fans all over the world.” – Kaname, CosplayGen Interview

REIKA (Japan)

I was then hooked up with the anime series Uta no Prince-sama when I suddenly found out this amazing cosplayer. I was looking for Ren Jinguji copslay since he is my favorite character in the series and ultimately ended up with this dazzling icon in the name of Reika. To my surprise, Reika is a “she” and she’s one of the famous cross-dressers in the world of cosplay and even possesses the anatomy of the bishounen. She truly treasures the character she cosplays as long as she loves the series. She has attended various conventions and for her, those days allow her to gather lots of friends internationally who have the same interests as she does

I’ll cosplay as long as I’ll have series that inspire me. If there would be no series and characters to love, I wouldn’t have any reason to do this anymore.” – Reika, CosplayGen Interview

You don’t need a license or anything to cosplay, so first and foremost, try to do it! Start lightly. I said this before, and I’ll say it again: don’t expect everything to come out perfectly.” – Reika, CosplayGen Interview

AZA MIYUKO (South Korea)

With her wide variety of skills in fashion designing, it’s no wonder why this angelic face cosplayer makes the best costume and props out from her creative mind. Aza Miyuko, or simply known as Aza, is considered as the Korea’s pride in the cosplay scene. She is rather dedicated to her fabrics as long as she has the passion for the character which is more important for her. Aza’s dedication for the character is prominently seen with her various cosplay, not only how she perfectly makes the detailed costume from head to toe, but more importantly, how she loves the character through acting like a real one.

Make sure that you have the passion for cosplaying, and also make sure that you like what you are doing.” Aza, STGCC 2013 Interview

YUEGENE FAY (Thailand)

Who could’ve ever guessed that her road to cosplay culture started with her passion towards Visual Kei music? Yuegene Fay is one of those sought-after cosplayers in various conventions internationally. Her creativity and wide imagination in cosplay are all influenced by his  love for visual kei bands which make the character closer to reality. In a positive way, she is rather perfectionist who undergoes getting-to-know phase with a character, the personality and how the character looks like, before she does the cosplay. Although a “she”, Yuegene definitely grabs the attention of fangirls as shouting like “kyaaaaa~”.

Even though in various situations we cannot fully communicate with each other because of the language barrier, surprisingly, due to the same preferences we share, we can understand each other at once.” – Yuegene Fay, CosplayGen Interview

Just do it! And you will meet another new world! New friends! And freedom!” -Yuegene Fay, CopslayGen Interview


Popularly known as the “Cosplay Queen” in the country, Alodia started her cosplay career at an early age. She’s been a gamer since her childhood which brought her into the world of cosplay as she would love to act and dress as a certain character. She makes her own costume, props, armors, and puts a lot of effort on those stuffs. I simply admire this cosplayer not because she’s a fellow Filipino; but because she is always confident and enthusiastic with her hobby which adds a high factor in her cosplay.


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      1. Yeah! I will support them all the way because they are my inspiration! I’m just a bit disappointed that Reika can’t make it on Cosmania 2015 😥


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