This year’s list of spring anime is surely a great hit. You have often encountered some of the titles since they got its another season such as Oregairu and Uta no Prince-sama, while other titles need a lot of anticipation. Owari no Seraph is one of those series I was looking forward to. Never did I try reading the manga though it seems to be the average type every time I browse various online manga. 

Upon watching the first scene where vast number of people suddenly experienced loss of consciousness due to a certain lethal virus and widespread destruction over the places were evident, I initially got silent and didn’t seem to take any interest in the apocalyptic society. Though children below 12 years of age can survive with the virus, they are, however, treated as livestock of these vampires to harvest supply of blood. Yuichiro and Mikaela plot to escape from the Hyakuya orphanage along with the other orphans, hoping they can be free from vampires’ captivity. However, their attempts end in tragedy. As the survivor, Yuichiro makes himself out from the vampire world and joins the Japanese Imperial Demon Army to seek revenge against the vampires for murdering his family.

The story starts off with a far-from-the-world setting, the home of vampires is something classy, and I particularly love the detailed background for the setting. There is a bit mediocrity in the plot as the protagonist seeks revenge for his murdered fallen friends which can be seen in various tragedies. Although with the cliche, I still find the series as one of the most interesting shows to watch for this spring season. It has a good start and gives a lot of anticipation because I still haven’t foreseen what the next event will hold on, though it is expected in this episode that inhumane event will be shown at the end part. I had already guessed that Yui and Mika’s fellow orphans will be wiped out eventually in the episode.

The first episode spends a detailed flashback and more on comprehensive narrative events rather than providing the direct point of the series, so by the time I watch the next episode, I will expect a variety of action-packed scenes and more adventures of Yuichiro in order to avenge his fallen friends. Although I do not have any background about the manga, the anime opens the plot with a smooth flow of events. The developmental stage of the main protagonist is depicted prominently, and it’s quite good how the episode shows Yui and Mika’s childhood story which makes the plot at least clear for someone who is not familiar with the series. After watching this episode, I decided to stick with the series and didn’t hesitate to watch the succeeding episodes because everything seemed going well.

The end part of the episode where Yuichiro leaves Mikaela and his murdered friends is truly filled with a dramatic sense that works well with the tragedy aspect. If you like the overall animation of the popular series Attack on Titans, then you might also like Owari no Seraph‘s detailed style of combat since they have the same studio.

Owari no Seraph is very promising more than what I have expected it would be. It is something that is worth to anticipate. Definitely, one of the most interesting series for this year’s spring season.


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