Meet our young swordsman, Tatsumi, who sets off to the imperial capital to save his poor village. After being separated from his two childhood friends, he is then taken by a noble family, however, everything turns out drastically as they intend to torture Tatsumi as what they did to his friends and dozens of people. Meanwhile, he is saved by a group of assassins known as Night Raid which aims to overthrow the prime minister from manipulating the young emperor to lead the rest of the nation to poverty and strife. Tatsumi decides to join the Night Raid to revenge for his village and friends. Now, his true journey begins.

I haven’t read the manga so at first glance, I got the feeling I could watch an anime which is associated with political matters, noble families and lots that pertain to royalties. It gave me a deep impression that a battle between good and evil would be present at all times, various swords fighting, explosion over the lands and everything you might think of a typical fighting scenes of a shounen anime. I must say, perhaps, I got the wrong idea because I was extremely startled I got to see fresh bloods, murders, tragedy, and brutal knockouts like I wanted to escape from the inhumane war. It was merciless as everyone seemed to be bloodthirsty like the most ruthless warriors in the land had existed. It was totally messy more than how you’d visualize in a typical battle mode. Well, that’s what you’d witness throughout the 24-episode series.

Gore factor is a dominant element in the series which covers most part in a single episode. Violence is such an act, and I couldn’t take to view the series further upon watching the first episode but I was boosted up after much thought, because nothing could have been amazing without the presence of breathtaking action-packed scenes not to mention how Akame delivers a character that everyone would worship from those intimidating red eyes to executing her demon Murasame. Other characters also show a fearsome disposition with Mine’s piercing shots, Leone’s wildness as a tiger, Sheeles’ huge cutter, Lubbock’s fatal strings and Bulat’s demon armor.

Apart from its good action, the series has a light entertainment without even realizing you could at least laugh with their comical sides especially when it comes to the tight bonding of Tatsumi and Bulat. They can intentionally crack jokes and make you simply laugh at their dorkiness. There are awkward moments, fan-service and lots that will draw you far from the horrible parts of the series.

Character designs are pretty well done despite the generic type. Your first encounter with the character is what you would think of it because appearance speaks everything. For example, when you first see Akame with her straight long black hair, you would view her as a mysterious woman, and the tiger-like Leone is expected to be the naughtiest in the group because of how she dresses up as a revealing woman which makes her as a total fan-service.

The first opening theme, Skyreach by Sora Amamiya, isn’t that outstanding which has beats of drum and guitar and I am not satisfied with the overall feel. It sounds unpleasant to my ears and I would always choose to skip the whole part of the song. The first ending theme, Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta by Miku Sawai, is much better. It’s very dynamic and catchy with its good blend of instrument. The second opening theme titled Liar Mask sounds good with the appealing voice of Rika Mayama. FYI, it’s her first debut song and I was amazed she performed just so fine.

Overall, Akame ga Kill is just an ordinary action anime which doesn’t give off a masterpiece vibe. It’s good to watch the series if you want to kill your hours, but I do not consider it as a highly recommended anime.


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