For a number of reasons, Ayu Watanabe is one of my favorite mangaka when it comes to romance. I’ve always witnessed her great effort with those decent pens and brushes, and how she gradually progressed until such point, one of her series made it to the hot topic on various online manga. You call it L-DK, an ongoing manga series serialized in 2009. It’s quite a long run, right? However, who would have thought that the reality of its romance will be much a reality with a live action adaptation.

Aoi Nishimori (played by Ayame Goriki), the female protagonist of the story, is a high school student who initially hates Shuusei Kugayama (played by Kento Yamazaki) and thinks so badly of him due to the fact that he rejects Aoi’s friend with her confession. Unexpectedly, everything changes when they discover that they live in the same apartment. This results to Aoi’s shock and much more, due to uncertain circumstances, Shuusei has to live in the same room as Aoi.

L-DK live-action film is a story of young romance with ups and downs as strong emotions are highly expressed by the main leads. Its romance is well-blended with comedy and drama, including the exciting part of school life. The shoujo feel of the movie makes a prominent factor because of how the theme appeals the viewers with its interesting angst-filled events of the story. However, you may call the film as a cliché love story of youngsters because there are various typical scenarios that you have already seen on different romantic movies and you might even get tired of seeing the same things from all over again. Such that, the hate-to-love thing is an expected transition of a female protagonist who would ultimately fall in love with a bad boy with the underlying sentiment of  “I think the guy has a good heart”. Apart from that, a kissing scene under the beautiful and colorful fireworks of cold night is one of the conventional events you’ve always witnessed when it comes to Japanese romance. It’s actually an overused idea but it creates the whole thing very realistic.

As a film, it is more likely that the story flows quickly, and if you are currently reading the manga or have read several chapters of it, you would notice that there are scenes which are vastly omitted. Though in that case, the movie shows the interesting parts in the manga which are appropriate for the plotline.

Ayame Goriki is very appealing enough as Aoi Nishimori. Her smile and the way she portrays the role is suitable for the character. Although it was the first time I watched her as a main character from a romantic movie, I was surprised she performed just so fine without any flaws. She never fails to entertain the viewers with her cute side despite the role she handles is getting serious at the middle to end part of the movie.

I believe Kento Yamazaki should have made a lot of effort for the role as Shuusei Kugayama. He’s actually a good looking actor but he lacks charm in the movie and he seems uneasy with the role as he hardly expresses the strong emotions that should be shown in a particular scene. Nevertheless, with his young looking face, he makes a good couple with Ayame who, in real life, is much older than him.

L-DK live action is just your average-type story of young romance. You will rather appreciate the manga as you will discover a lot more from the couple, plus, there are more lovey dovey scenes you should look forward.


4 thoughts on “L-DK Live Action – Review

  1. I used to really, really like LDK……. but it seems the mangaka is writing in all the shojo cliches she can think of, many of which don’t make sense anymore. I can only roll my eyes. I’m not surprised that the live action Shussei does not show any emotion. He’s merely acting out the manga Shussei who’s as emotionless as a pile of rock.


    1. I used to like the manga too. I love the storyline though filled with simplicity and has lots of cliches.

      The manga is much better. Readers would get upset if they watch the live action. But I still enjoyed watching the whole thing. It’s like Aoi and Shuusei have popped out to real world. It was very romantic.


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