The existence of a determined, happy-go-lucky girl is quite interesting to watch when it comes to a romantic comedy anime. You’d witness how she will confess her deep feelings to the guy no matter what the outcome is. Either it will be good or bad, it doesn’t really affect her because what is important is that, his presence all the time which is enough to satisfy her day.

So, here’s Sakura Chiyo. After confessing that she is a big fan of Nozaki, she receives an autograph from him, and that’s not she has ever wanted for sure. She is supposed to ask him out, but it turns out to be something different from a normal scenario. Instead, Nozaki invites her to come to his house to help him with his arts and realizes that she has a talent too. On her way home, Sakura soon realizes that Nozaki is a popular manga artist, Yumeno Sakiko, which causes her ultimate shock. She then agrees to be his assistant in order to get closer to him.

The first scene feels like watching the popular scenario in Itazura na Kiss with the appearance of a determined girl who is about to confess with a maximum courage to a cool-looking guy. Apart from that, Sakura has a little resemblance to Kotoko Aihara except for the cutesy, huge ribbon with a polka dot pattern on Sakura’s hair. After her confession, I started to realize that the anime wasn’t exactly what I had thought as Nozaki misunderstood of what Sakura would like to convey because I had the feeling that Nozaki would reject her with his mean expression. Fortunately, he looks funny in this part who really sees himself as an idol, but well, he really is a superb artist.

The first episode is a good start to anticipate the series throughout, and it gives enough clues what character you would expect from the both leads. It already shows a light entertainment more than just a cliched romantic comedy. Sakura isn’t the type of girl who shows her obsession to Nozaki, but instead, her clingy side towards him is just a way to support him. Both of them are fun to watch, they can be romantic in the most hilarious manner.

Nozaki looks snobbish, or rather, an isolated man in the society at first glance and doesn’t seem to show interest in everything around him except to his own works as a manga artist, like a total nerd. As the plot develops, I realized he is a man with full dedication who views the environment as his inspiration for his work as those other authors who take their pieces realistically based on what they see in real life. The character is contrary to what you see through the expression of his face because despite his seriousness to his work, he is totally ridiculous too, like making a trial-and-error for his manga in the most comical way and would take Sakura as her subject before making his final draft. This is the point in the series where viewers start to take interest in Nozaki’s development rather than making a highlight on how Sakura deals with Nozaki’s flat affect, or you wouldn’t mind if they would end up together as long as Nozaki is the subject of your laughing-out-loud mode. It also supports the fact that ironically as what the title of the series says, it is no longer labeled as shoujo which you would expect to see Sakura’s undying love for Nozaki.

The animation is very satisfying and well-done. I love how Dogakobo adapted the original manga from the well-detailed style of art to the perfectly portrayed emotions of the characters which fit appropriately with the various events accordingly. I could witness how the studio has maintained decent animation from watching Myself Yourself , Natsuyuki Rendezvous and Love Lab.

I was expecting a vibrant opening theme, but still, Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai by Masayoshi Ōishi satisfied me. It already introduces the different characters and what to expect with their roles. The ending theme, Uraomote Fortune by Ari Ozawa, is simply cute to listen.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun would be one of the best romantic comedy anime of the season. It doesn’t have a rich romantic spice but a totally entertaining show. A must watch, definitely.


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