I was supposed to watch this series after my encounter with a title of the same season, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, however, I ended up watching a series of different genre. As I got extremely bored these past few days while waiting wearily for the release of the 23rd episode of the anime series Golden Time, I decided to give myself a try to watch Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. It’s a good series as what a virtual friend have mentioned to me. 

The story revolves around the Sakura Dormitory, a place for troublesome people, a loosy bin, as what the series may call it. Despite negative thoughts on them, they are talented and hardworking people. However,  Sorata Kanda, who moves into Sakura Dormitory after he was kicked out of the regular dorm after he chose not to give up a stray cat, has always wanted to leave the Sakura Dorm because of his underlying thoughts that he has nothing to do with his life. Until such time, he is forcefully tasked to take care of this weird girl in the name of Mashiro Shiina. Although Mashiro possesses immature mind as she can’t even take care of herself, Sorata is surprised upon knowing she is a famous manga artist. After much thought, Sorata eventually decides to stay in the dormitory as he’d like to work hard to achieve his goals.

The series isn’t just an ordinary romantic comedy as what the plot tries to depict. Neither way, it doesn’t have the generic male protagonist whose role throughout the story is quite predictable – the lucky, perverted guy, or rather, a series which I do not consider as harem. Although our male protagonist is surrounded by cute girls, the series centers on the daily lives of these hardworking people who, despite labeled as troublemaker, they have strong determination to make everything possible.

Sorata Kanda reflects the image of those people who have a big dream, far from those ordinary professions, as he wants to become a game creator someday. His character development in the series quickly progresses from being an ordinary guy who doesn’t know where he belongs to the point where he begins to understand what it means to do something bit by bit until everything results from a hardwork.  I truly appreciate how the series encourages the viewers to strive harder to reach one’s dream.

A lighthearted romance is evidently illustrated as you reach the second half of the series and this is the point in the story where Mashiro begins to examine herself , what it means to be in love. It’s good how every episode maintains a good balance between romance and comedy while it shows some inspiring thoughts to viewers whether it could be romance or simply the word “goal”. In addition, it isn’t just about the great fun among teenagers in their young romance as it also brings out a large amount of emotions in terms of friendship and goals.

If you have been much delighted by the lively animation of some popular titles of the same studio like Toradora, Shakugan no Shana and Zero no Tsukaima, then you would also appreciate the vibrant ambiance of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. J.C. Staff  makes another blast for this romantic comedy anime with the well-detailed and visually attractive characters. Emotions are appropriately portrayed which are well-suited for various scenes in the series especially when you get to witness the melodramatic involvement among the characters.

The first opening theme Kimi ga Yume o Tsuretekita is performed by Ai Kayano, Mariko Nakatsu, and Natsumi Takamori, the voice actress of Mashiro, Nanami and Misaki, respectively. It sounds really cute that you wouldn’t dare to skip any part of it. The second opening theme Yume no Tsuzuki by Konomi Suzuki is rather viewed as dramatic as it shows the emotional expression of the characters and what to expect in the second half of the series. The first ending theme Days of Dash, also performed by Konomi Suzuki, sounds good while you enjoy the tight bonding of the characters, same with Prime Number, the second ending theme by Asuka Ookura, which is pleasant to ears, too.

Overall, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo is surely your cup of tea if you’d want to taste a mixture of romance and friendship. It is simply worth watching and never brings you down. A must watch!


One thought on “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – Review

  1. Sakurasou’s a fantastic story with great development and some really powerful themes. It seemed like it would be a goofy and light-hearted tale yet ended up developing into a powerful portrayal of people working to pursue their dreams and dealing with the struggles of failure and inability to properly understand themselves or others, and there were a lot of emotional moments throughout. The second to last episode in particular was fantastic, the graduation scene was definitely the most memorable part of the anime for me. I really hope the anime gets a second season so I can see how it all concludes, or that the novels will be translated so I can find out what happens after the anime.


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