Nina likes her next-door neighbor, Kyousuke, however, although he is aware of how Nina feels for him, it seems that he treats Nina as her sister, until a girl named Yuiko enters their life and begins to make a move to catch Kyousuke’s heart.

Labeled as romance, comedy and drama, the manga sounds really ordinary as other stories of unrequited love, but still, Nanba Atsuko creates a good manga that keeps you to be inspired while you enjoy every page of it until the finale. After all, the story is just another reflection of youth romance from the development of immaturity towards your love interest until you experience either success or failure and eventually, you will learn a lot from your experience.

Along with the 38 chapters, the pacing of the story flows slowly because you have to witness mostly the character development of Nina as she gradually finds herself towards becoming a grown-up girl. Emotions are widely expressed in the series especially when Nina bursts out her feelings both inside and outside of herself. She is just a good example of a young girl in her teenage life who is still confused with her own feelings when it comes to romance. Scenarios in the series are quite predictable, but I’m pretty sure readers still enjoy the lightheartedness of the romantic events. Moreover, though considered as cliche, the manga offers the reality of romance as the series knows how the world revolves at present times.

Atsuko’s artwork is good which has strong visual points with the shoujo-like eyes, well-done shading and the expression of the characters are appropriately portrayed. However, there are times that settings are not well-detailed, but overall, art is simply good.

Tonari no Atashi is just another typical story of teenage romance yet gives you the best from it. I would recommend this manga to anyone who experiences mixed emotions in their romantic stage of life, whether you are in your adolescence or not.


One thought on “Tonari no Atashi – Review

  1. I like this very much, because it is rare that one of the main protagonists ( the girl ) ends up with the second guy, and not the main guy who doesn’t deserve her love. This is always my problem with shoujo romance authors who write in a rival who is , more often than not, a better person than the male MC. * cough* AoHaru Ride* cough* Hwang Mi Ri and Han Yu Rang are always guilty of this plotline.


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