Whenever you are being asked about your status, there should be only two options in the simplest sense, single or married, that’s the reality. You shouldn’t answer “it’s complicated” unless you’d want the world to know that you still have the chance to flirt somebody. On the other way, if you’d want to let others know that you are the happiest person in the world of romance, you would proudly say “In a Relationship”. However, have
you really found the right one? 

As people face the adulthood stage of life, they begin to take responsibility for their own good which mostly includes choosing their career and getting involved in a more grown-up romantic life. However, there are people who do not have a certain place to go, what they want to be and where they want to go. Some of them have also given up on finding their partner. In particular, women are the most vulnerable being when it comes to love but there are still some of them who are not bothered by lack of romantic life, but at the end, they realize that falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world, whether there are sweetness of success or bitterness of failure. After all, we learn a lot from it.

Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu highlights the story of three women in their young adulthood period in the name of Emi Fujii, Saki Ogura and Mako Hanzawa. They live together in the same roof by chance as they try to solve their difficulties in finding their partner including their weaknesses when it comes to romance which they aren’t aware of.

The plot doesn’t only focus on single protagonist. Each of the female lead has the chance to have their own spotlight on screen . 27-yeard-old Emi Fujii works in lighting company together with her ex-boyfriend, Yu Hasegawa, whom she can’t get over with. She is the only girl in the office but it doesn’t matter to her. The second female lead is Saki Ogura, 24 years old, who has difficulty in finding a decent job. She works at a hostess club to earn money for her family. Despite being popular with guys, she has never been in love with somebody, but everything changes when she meets Takumi Shiraishi. To complete the circle, let’s meet the youngest lead, Mako Hanzawa, 22 years old, who is serious and doesn’t know how to get in touch with romance until she meets her interest, Kizaki, but seems to be an unrequited love.

The series is simply about the word “love”. There are lots of emotions that people experience when they encounter the word – happiness, sadness, heartaches, confusion, indecisive, denial, acceptance and you name all the mixed feelings in accordance with your experience. Strong emotions are highly expressed in the series despite it doesn’t contain a lively ambiance as a lighthearted romantic comedy. The series is rather serious but it doesn’t allow the viewers to get bored of watching because the flow of the story has something that will make the viewers more excited for the upcoming events, like the usual who-will-she end-up-with thing. It sounds cliche but it portrays the reality of romance.

I am not a big fan of Karina but I really appreciate her appearance in this series from the way she delivers the character of Emi Fujii to the fact she doesn’t seem to be bothered by her plain, boyish image. The role is challenging enough for her as we used to see her as an elegant woman. Emi Fujii might be the most hated female character as she seems weak, indecisive, and most of the time, in denial, when it comes to her feelings with Yu Hasegawa. She isn’t expressive in most part of her which makes her look weak and pitiful.

Saki Ogura is the most charming character among the female leads. I adore her character a lot. I like how she acts calm and cheerful despite the barriers towards getting the one whom she really loves. She can be emotional, too, but she doesn’t let herself be on the bottom line. Apart from that, she also perseveres a lot to find a decent job as a writer. Yuriko Yoshitaka is a good actress who performs impressively in the series. Her lovely smile suits her as the character of Saki.

Mako Hanzawa has the least experience when it comes to romance. She doesn’t know anything about love as she tends to be serious, more likely, an isolated woman in the society until she encounters Kizaki who changes her view about romance. I am not a fangirl of AKB48, but this is the first time I’ve got to like an AKB48 member in a Japanese drama as Yuko Oshima. I would rather prefer this girl than the popular AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko.

What I do not like in the series is the involvement of Misuzu Shiraishi in the opening theme which is quite annoying, or should I say, I really dislike her throughout the story. I have never considered her as one of the female leads, so why did they bother to include her in the trio’s perfect bonding. But well, she plays a big role in Saki’s plot.

Namie Amuro stands out in this series with her catchy and addictive music as the opening theme titled Sit! Stay! Wait Down! and the other theme song Love Story. The OST is filled with different kinds of emotion which cover up the reality of romance. Apart from Amuro’s soundtrack, music by Suehiro Kenichiro and Mayuko is utilized in various scenes which fits appropriately towards the mood of the scenes.

Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu is the one for you if you’d want to watch a simple story of romance. It is made typical as a daily life of young adults in love. You’ll learn a lot from this series. Definitely, a must watch.


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