I was browsing some nendoroids when a cute purple-haired female character caught my attention in the name of Renne. She wasn’t that really familiar to me until I ended up searching for the series she appears in. It is titled The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky which is based from a role-playing game developed by Nihon Falcom. Renne isn’t the main character, she’s rather a villain.

As the narration goes, it is a story of a new era. The continent of Zemuria follows the Orbal Revolution where people enjoy prosperity and are supported by technology called Orbment. Beyond this idyllic existence however, weapons utilizing orbment continue to be researched and developed and the motives of those in power overlap, thus the continent faces chaos. In the midst of this chaos, a proud realm retains its independence, the Liberl Kingdom.

The fist scene of the OVA starts with Joshua who leaves Estelle and begins his own journey. On the other hand, Estelle tries her best to search for Joshua in the midst of chaos they encounter together with her comrades. Along with their journey, they meet some members of Legion, a group of people who are after the orbment’s power.

What made me decide to watch the OVA is the fact that it is labeled as action, adventure and fantasy which are involved in my genre preferences, and I really enjoy watching lengthy battle scenes, so I did highly expect that this craving would be satisfied with this anime. Since I do not have a background with regards to the game however, I do not know the exact timeline of this OVA. Seriously, I was confused and lots of things were running in my mind like, “What are they talking about?”. It is really expected for me to be crazy with all of these so all I did on my seat was, watching the great animation as it is impressively done.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is a 2-episode OVA under the production of Kinema Citrus. The main point of the plot focuses on the goal of Estelle and her comrades to chase after Joshua along with their adventurous path to overcome the chaos in the world. Rushed scenes are expected in the OVA, but the flow of the story is at least chronologically smooth with incorporation of description in every significant events when and where the scenes take place. Although confusing at first due to its fast-pacing events, viewers especially non-gamers of the show will be enlightened up in the middle of the OVA as it reveals the roots behind what is happening in the present times.

I particularly like the action in the OVA. I was simply amused with the well-done animation, and rich sound effects are highly appreciated. I was satisfied with the battle scenes considering the time length and how the characters perform with their fullest strength especially to Joshua Bright who seems to be an ordinary boy but during a match, he switches his disposition into a fearsome fighter. Estelle Bright is also good as a female lead in an action-packed anime who also performs amazingly with her ruthless attack towards her opponent.

As an RPG-based anime, various settings are often emphasized with good environmental design as it holds strong visual points. It proves that apart from the great action scenes by Kinema Citrus, it prioritizes other aspects to maintain a good production as what has been portrayed in the original game developed by Nihon Falcom.

The opening theme sounds good which allows the  viewers feel the excitement that the OVA will bring upon. It introduces a lot of characters which gives you a high level of expectation on their development, but expect that Estelle Bright is given the most highlight throughout the plot. The ending theme sounds pleasant with its slow melodic tune which fits appropriately for the finale.

Overall, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky OVA is a good choice to those who want to take a quick glance on impressive battle scenes with excellent animation. Don’t fret if you haven’t played the game because you will still enjoy watching the OVA as I did.


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