Bishounen characters truly captivate your heart with their heavenly words and gentleness they naturally possess, however, have you ever wonder if you could be a servant of these dazzling creatures? If that’s the instance, would you rather continue to work on, or just leave your sweat that has bestowed upon them?

Let’s welcome Haru Asagi, the female protagonist of the story, who enters the Miyanomori family to work as a maid. She encounters the six good-looking sons of the head from different wives but most of them do not acknowledge the presence of Haru as a maid in the family, but soonafter they gradually learn to accept her. The head suddenly announces that he is retiring, so he will name the heir of whoever makes him the happiest.

Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku: Kinetograph is a 2-episode OVA adapted from an Otome game. Aside from its reverse harem theme, it is blended with Japanese historical aspects considering the setting and how the characters dress up like during the medieval era. My first impression was, this OVA might be so boring as it welcomes the viewers with a retro-like tune in the opening theme and it’s kinda creepy at first sight. As you seriously start watching the anime, you might view the series as something new.

What I like about this reverse harem anime is the fact that male characters do not immediately show their intimate interaction towards the female protagonist as it starts from a denial stage until they show their soft side towards her. What makes the anime more distinctive among of the same genre is that, it is not actually loaded with a typical fanservice where the heroine is being supported by the male characters throughout the series because this time, it is about how she develops herself in her own way to overcome her weakness. Although the heroine mirrors the same persona as of those in reverse harem series, as shy-type, modest yet clumsy, she at least shows a strong side for the viewers not to label her as the most annoying heroine. On the hand, I wasn’t satisfied with the character development of the male characters due to unequal exposure among them. Hiroshi is closest to Haru, I believe, who gets a big part on screen.

Although this OVA is fast-pacing, I like how the heroine’s character progresses within 2 episodes without receiving much flattering words from the men around her. However, the OVA leaves with open-ended finale which does not settle the conflicts with men towards the head with regards to whoever will become the inheritor in the family, instead, it only solves the conflict with Haru towards the men. I hope they will make a series of episodes soon.

Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku: Kinetograph OVA is simply good, but doesn’t give you an excellent view. But if you are a big fan of reverse harem series, you will easily get hooked up with this anime.


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