A romance started in a countryside feels like a traditional melodramatic scenario yet refreshing memories transpire between these two young people, Haruto Kirishima and Yuzuki Eba. I have already a brief overview about the plot of Kimi no Iru Machi because I have already watched the 2-episode OVA which was firstly released beforehand. However, I haven’t had the chance to read the manga which is rather appropriate to make a comparison with the anime, plus, the manga exceeds to 200 chapters which are enough to cover the whole events in the story. What made me decide to watch this new series is to satisfy my simple curiosity thus I want to dig in deeply about the important events in the story although most of the time, I got bored of its dramatic lovey dovey conversation. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure that whoever has watched the OVA felt like there’s something behind that hasn’t been unveiled, unless you have completely read the manga.

To summarize the 12-episode series, it’s all about Haruto’s encounter with Yuzuki Eba, a girl from Tokyo who moves to Hiroshima, his father’s hometown, to attend high school.  After much memories in the town, Yuzuki decides to go back to Tokyo to settle things up with her family. Haruto, on the other hand, confesses to Yuzuki before they get torn apart, thus long distance relationship starts. Due to lack of communication between them, Haruto presumes that Yuzuki already got a new boyfriend, so he persuades his family to move to Tokyo to pursue a career as a cook as well. Due to certain circumstances, he meets a girl in Tokyo named Asuka, and makes friends with her together with a guy named Kazama. Surprisingly, Kazama is the new boyfriend of Yuzuki which is revealed when Yuzuki visits Kazama in the hospital because he is terminally ill. Haruto assumes that Yuzuki has fallen in love with Kazama out of pity and as a result, Haruto challenges Kazama to fight his feelings for Yuzuki. Sadly, Kazama passes away due to stress he has undergone after a successful surgery. Haruto and Yuzuki decide not to see each other again. As days pass, Haruto eventually starts his romantic life with Asuka, however, after much thought, he soon realizes that he still has strong feelings for Yuzuki and they once again reunited.

Labeled as romance and drama, Kimi ni Iru Machi is another heartwarming anime series that brings you up the reality of long distance relationship in a more romantic way. It involves young romance with sentimental ambiance among the characters and deep conflicts are likely to arise any time. Although a typical love polygon is present, the romance mainly centers on Haruto and Yuzuki. The male protagonist, Haruto Kirishima, is just your average-type person yet he tends to be the ideal type of guy, but I believe that most viewers would view him as a stalker with some obsessive acts towards Yuzuki. But well, he possesses gentle side in most part of him.

As to those who have watched the OVA, you would notice that what has remained unanswered in the OVA unfolds the whole events in this series, such as the involvement of Kazama and more flashbacks have been revealed. The series is rather a narrative type due to its overflowing details of what is unknown and what is further to dig in. I got a little bored most of the episodes because I wasn’t anticipating anything in the series. If I haven’t watched the OVA, perhaps, I wouldn’t know until the finale whom Haruto would end up with.

The animation in this new series by GONZO has better quality compared to the OVA by Tatsunoko Production. If you have watched other GONZO series such as Rosario + Vampire, Strike Witches and The Tower of Druaga, you would notice the similarity of the character designs. Kimi ni Iru Machi might not be one of the best anime series by the studio though. There are a lot of GONZO titles which became a big talk in the world of anime.

If you want to experience different kinds of emotions in the world of romance, Kimi no Iru Machi is the one you’ve been looking for. It is not an excellent series in my own eyes, but at least, it is still good to watch.


5 thoughts on “Kimi no Iru Machi – Review

  1. When you compare it to the manga, this was too fast paced. The anime skipped a lot of events and tried to make up for it with flashbacks, which didn’t make that much impact overall because of the story telling. Also I don’t find Eba such a strong character. She seems more confused than confident. In all honesty, I did find Asuka a better fit for Haruto story wise.


    1. Though I haven’t read the manga, I believe that the events in the anime run too quickly. I was bored with the flashback things. At least I was satisfied with the important details in the series.

      Yes, I agree. Asuka is much better. I like her character a lot. She really suits well with Haruto. I was not that really interested with Yuzuki from the very beginning, and she’s quite annoying sometimes.


  2. I guess I have to be different… I like Yuzuki Eba. She was quite a character, even funny and daring the first time Haruto and she met. The long distance relationshio could have worked if Yuzuki didn’t see haruto holding hands with his ex-crush at the train station. Yuzuki had been waiting for him, and then found him so much later holding hands with another girl.
    I stopped reading when he got together with Asuka. thank goodness he dumped her. His heart was only for yuzuki.


    1. Yuzuki’s character during her memories with Haruto in Hiroshima was rather strong, and I liked that part of her. Everything has changed after they decided to be torn apart. Haruto started his romantic life with Asuka, and Yuzuki, on the other hand, remained confused, but became honest eventually. Although Haruto dumped off Asuka at the end, at least, Asuka has always showed her positive side to win Haruto’s heart if given the chance.

      Although I like Asuka, I accept the fact that Haruto and Yuzuki are best suited to one another.


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