Initially, I was dazzled by the bishounen characters. Satomi firstly caught my attention with his sexy, long shiny blonde hair, his alluring eyes, and gentle gestures. I have always thought that every episode would trigger my fangirlism thereby satisfying my craving for bishie pleasure. Despite the fact that hot guys are everywhere, I do not further label it as fanservice although there are some, because the series has rather a serious ambiance as it tries to overcome some mysteries.

As the narration of the series goes, there were three survivors from a plague in Otsuka village five years ago in the name of Shino Inuzuka, Sosuke Inukawa and Hamaji. Presently, as they go on, they have to go to the Imperial City to rescue Hamaji who was kidnapped by the Church. It is mentioned that the Church takes interest to Shino’s Murasame as well as Sosuke’s supernatural ability. Before they make their move, everything is revealed about the Four Families of the Demon Gods as the church wanted their power, so they desire Shino and Sosuke’s spiritual possession because they are involved with it. Soonafter, they meet Rio Satomi who orders them to search for other bead holders.

Adventurous as what the plot tries to depict, the series directs to one point and that is, for Shino and Sousuke to gather the eight beads in which along with their journey, they may or may not encounter dangers. Supernatural involvement, like Shino’s possession of Murasame, are fondly emphasized, however, you might not be satisfied with the length of the battle scenes because most of them are quickly viewed. The flow of the story runs slowly because you have to meet other characters including their side stories, but their existence is significant to cover the whole story. Although confusing at some points, the series tries to narrate to the simplest idea, unfolding all the important details in the series.

Character development is good as everyone gets their own spotlight while showing their spiritual abilities, and of course, their beautiful faces which, I think, in my naughty mind, the studio creates perfect angles that are definitely good for screen captures. The creator makes a perfect anatomy of a bishounen, however, when it comes to their outfit, it’s quite plain especially for Sosuke, and it should be more appealing, but well, Satomi and Kaname’s outfit are good to my eyes.

I rather enjoyed watching the second season as it is more thrilling and is more filled with action mostly seen in the near finale while it tries to reach the most exciting point of the story. I did highly anticipate for the completion of beads which is, in fact, the most awaited event in the whole series.

Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun is not a masterpiece series but it feels so good watching the adventurous path of the characters. Humor is present so  you don’t have to be serious at all.


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