This is another manga that centers on a teacher-student relationship in a more inspiring manner. Due to some reasons, our female protagonist, Shun, used to be lonely but is able to make a mask of happiness in front of everyone. One day, her popular teacher Jun-chan notices how she really feels inside and confronts her during their school trip to know more about her. Meanwhile, he makes friend with Shun and they start to become more closer. Now, Shun has someone to lean on.

The story offers an average type of romance and doesn’t give off some strong points. Still, Chiba Kozue is able to make another manga that inspires the readers to become stronger when facing barriers in life. The manga does not only focus on the lighthearted romance but also, it is well-blended with dramatic involvement where Jun-chan gives inspiring thoughts to Shun in a way to lift up herself and show to everyone what her true self is. The character of Jun-chan is a plus factor because he acts so adorable and looks so young as a teacher. Since the manga is only composed of 3 chapters however, the flow of the story runs so quickly, and I wish Kozue-san had made it longer, but at least, the manga also contains two additional one-shot titles.

Chiba Kozue consistently makes a well-done artwork. Character designs, as always, doesn’t disappoint me. I’ve already read some of her titles and I’ve noticed how she valued the artwork to the most passionate extent. Indeed, she is an author who is full of encouraging thoughts.

Generally speaking, this manga might not be outstanding for some readers, but it tries its best to offer you the best from it.


3 thoughts on “7th Period is a Secret – Review

    1. I guess so. Shun confesses at the end, but Jun-chan doesn’t give an exact reply. At least, he kisses her on the forehead which I find so cute.

      For me, the manga has a good balance between romance and drama.


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