Surely, many fans have been waiting wearily for the broadcast of the second season of Uta no Prince-sama. Finally, their dream turns into a reality.

After attending Saotome Academy and successfully made their debut, Haruka Nanami and the STARISH members enter the Master Course which mainly aims to enhance the professional idols. They meet the members of QUARTET★NIGHT who are tasked to be the senior mentor of STARISH.  Meanwhile, upon searching the black cat named Kuppuru, Haruka encounters Cecil Aijima who believes that Haruka is his savior, however, Haruka has always thought that meeting with Cecil is all just a dream. Upon hearing a beautiful song the next day, Haruka realizes that it is from Cecil, and he eventually joins the Master Course after Saotome made the announcement. However, Cecil doesn’t have interest of becoming an idol as he only wants to sing Haruka’s song.

Titled as Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000%, the second season of the series mainly shows the casual life of newly debut idols, not only enhancing their talented voice, but also in other aspects which include modeling, acting, stage playing and more importantly, entertaining their beloved fans. The flow of the story is similar to what has been shown in the first season as each character has the chance to be focused on screen in every episode, and of course, this reverse harem series wouldn’t be completed without the cliche part of a female protagonist who is lucky enough to receive flattering words from the bishounens.

The beautiful voice of the seiyuus is the notable factor throughout the series, because after all, Uta no Prince-sama primarily shows the modern music in Japan which most of the viewers totally enjoy listening to different genres of music, whether pop, jazz or rock. Added to that, you’ll easily be captivated by the lyrics of the songs which is filled with different kinds of strong emotions, whether you’ll be inspired, strengthened and will increase your confidence.

The existence of the bishounen characters is a plus factor to make the songs more appealing to the viewers. Aside from the fact that their music is rather pleasant to ears, the visual sense of the viewers will be much stimulated by the appearance of these gorgeous, dazzling members of STARISH, and it supports the fact that animated creation of these characters by A-1 pictures has a successful, well-developed art as to the original creator that is absolutely attractive and satisfying that you couldn’t ask for more.

Season 1 and season 2 are both good as same events follow, and the only thing that has changed is the addition of new characters especially that you’ll get to know more of Cecil Aijima more than just his presence in the first season. It’s up to you whether you rather like the character songs in this second season than those in the previous one.

Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% continues to entertain the viewers with the amazing performance of the characters, so find the best opportunity to watch this interesting anime. Whether you are a music enthusiast or not, you will definitely enjoy watching it.


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