Similar to the previous Hakuouki series, the storyline centers on the protection of Kyoto as they continue to patrol around the area to eliminate some rogue samurais who are trying to attack the Shinsengumi. There have been rumors that dreadful things are being conducted in Shimabara, so Kondou and Hijikata decide to investigate the place, and agreed upon that Chizuru will dress up as a geisha to be a spy in the place and to eavesdrop some information. Without a choice, Chizuru eventually takes the responsibility while the Shinsengumi looks after her.

Hakuouki Sekkaroku is a 6-episode OVA series which was released after Hakuouki Hekketsuroku, the second season, but the OVA’s timeline doesn’t happen obviously after the second season, and perhaps, it exists in the middle of, or after the first season, and for some viewers, it remains unanswered. The OVA series has a refreshing overview of each character as you get to know their distinctive side more than what you have seen in the previous Hakuouki seasons. In every episode, there is a character to be highlighted except for Shinpachi who does not have the chance to have his own arc, but at least, you’ll see him around throughout the series. Added to that, they also become more expressive to Chizuru, and even the antagonistic persona of Kazama Chikage shows his soft side towards her.

Chizuru Yukimura is much feminine in this OVA because she dresses up as a beautiful geisha most of the time. You’ll later on notice the development of her character from that of the previous seasons as she becomes more mature, participates more actively when it comes to protection of Kyoto.

There is less, or even nothing, gore factor in the OVA, so as less swords fighting, and expect that no tragic events will be portrayed throughout the series.  It is mainly narrative, but in no chronological order while it freely unfolds the important events but as the episode goes on, you’ll notice the interconnection of the events.

The OVA has a comical side, too, especially when it comes to Heisuke’s arc. Due to his silly acts, you’ll totally laugh at his expression whenever he sees Hijikata with the burning looks. Characters become rather entertaining, and you will truly appreciate some catchy lines from them that are figuratively expressed with strong emotions.

Through watching it, you’ll simply be refreshed because aside from the lesser violent events, the setting mostly sets in winter season that cools you up after watching bloody battles in the past Hakuouki seasons. You’ll rather appreciate the OVA if you have witnessed in the previous seasons how every characters endured to the highest extent to protect the one they really care for.

Overall, Hakuouki Sekkaroku is good to watch and it surely freshens you up while taking a quick glance on the casual life of the Shinsengumi.


One thought on “Hakuouki Sekkaroku (Hakuouki OVA) – Review

  1. This is my favourite of all the Hakuouki series. Its so lighthearted compared to the others, and there are soo many “KYAAA~~~ SO KAWAIII” moments in it where I end up thrashing and laughing in my seat. YAY! Thank you for the very detailed description and review.


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