At first glance, this anime might be your typical harem series with the generic personality of the male protagonist – a weakling, half-witted and perverted guy – but you could have been wrong. Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, also known as OreShura in short, isn’t just your average harem show as it introduces a good plot that is something new to most harem fans out there.

Our male protagonist, Eita Kido, is far different from what you think as a character from a harem series because in reality, he is devoted to his studies and has always wanted to attend medical school. He considers himself as “anti-romance” which is related to the fact that his parents got divorced and eventually abandoned him, so it is expected that he has a hard time to deal with the female characters around him especially to Masuzu Natsukawa which he later on agrees to be his fake girl friend, otherwise, she will blackmail him by revealing Eita’s notebook which contains embarrassing things about his delusions. However, his childhood friend, Chiwa Harusaki, has romantic feelings to Eita, and jealousy would always arise if somebody gets closer to him. As the episode goes on, Eita encounters Himeka Akishino and later on, Ai Fuyuumi, who both have a connection with Eita’s memories. It has been always a big question in a harem series whom the male protagonist will end up with.

This anime is one of the best harem shows I have ever watched. The romance and the comedy are well-blended in the series, plus, the interesting daily lives of the characters are much anticipated. Having 13 episodes is worth watching to cover all the important details in the anime. With its high-quality animation produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Kanta Kamei, the series has strong visual points that definitely attract the eyes of the viewers.

Eita, though he doesn’t seem to be the one, isn’t just a conventional character from a harem series due to the fact that he thinks more mature in dealing with his everyday life not to mention he is evidently a goal-oriented character. One of the interesting facts with regards to his pseudo relationship with Masuzu is that, they are both haters of romance which brings the pairing close to perfection. However, don’t just disregard the existence of these other cute female characters as they also play big roles until the end of the story. I like how the series gives every female character a decent spotlight on screen. Though Masuzu and Chiwa might be the center and are closer to our male protagonist, the other supporting characters, Himeka and Ai, are also given a fair amount of screen time at least in 2-3 episodes as their unique persona will be more dominant including their seductive sides, and you will get to know their relationship with Eita in the past, thus, side stories are highly expected in the series. Instead of getting annoyed by the female characters because of their clingy acts and their attitude to dominate everything, you will rather find it charming for them to express their subconscious minds.

The opening theme titled Girlish Lover is really cute and catchy as performed by the female voice actresses in the anime, Chinatsu Akasaki, Yukari Tamura, Hisako Kanemoto and Ai Kayano. The harmony of their voices is good and suits the mood of the anime. On the other hand, the ending theme titled W:Wonder Tale by Yukari Tamura is also pleasant to ears that makes the viewers not to skip any part of it.

So, let yourself find the best opportunity to watch this interesting anime series as it surely brings out the best from it. You won’t regret including it as one of your list-to-watch anime shows.


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