The story revolves around Kyouko Hori, a student with grace, brain, beauty, and to simply put it, she is everyone’s idol. But who would really think that this teenage girl has a secret side – she has been like a parent to her little brother in the absence of their parents who are busy at work. Being a caretaker of her brother and a house keeper at the same time, Hori actually does not have much time for social life as normal teenagers do. One day, she meets a nerd-looking guy, and possibly, an Otaku, in the name of Izumi Miyamura who does not show his true identity in school because when outside the campus, he looks delinquent, with many piercings and tattoos, and in fact, he is not good in academics. He keeps this identity as a secret to some people. Nevertheless, he is friendly and is being nice to Hori and everyone around him. They later on develop a closer relationship as both of them have someone with whom they can share halves of their life, their secrets and everything that is unknown to them.

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (Horimiya in short) is a shounen manga series by HERO and illustrated by Hagiwara Daisuke. The series primarily centers on the daily lives of these two main characters, Hori and Miyamura, who share their secret side of life to each other. Possessing their on-and-off image and somehow keeps it unknown to other people, it is good to see how they completely establish trust to one another. At first glance, this manga may seem a typical romantic comedy with a lighthearted yet funny misunderstanding between the young lovers, but as you go through the chapters, you might view the manga as more than just your average type of a romantic comedy because the progress of the relationship of our two protagonists is made in a subtle manner as they slowly discover each other’s must-know identity and everything that should be revealed without being hesitant. Through reading the manga, you’ll come to realize that it feels good to open up yourselves to someone whom you can really trust, and just a few seconds without even noticing the time that has passed by, a deeper friendship may eventually arise.

HERO, being the author of the manga, makes an interesting slice-of-life story and a good sense of characterization. You will not only enjoy the romantic involvement in the series, but also, the enjoyable daily lives of the characters, and you’ll eventually find yourself laughing at their funny conversations because every character has a strong sense of humor. Right, the comedy genre is one of the dominant points in the series though most of the readers keep their eyes on the development of the relationship of Hori and Miyamura. The well-blended genres of the series taste good for the satisfaction of the readers, from starting the series as a school related life to the point it will be later on filled with cute romance, comical scenes and refreshing daily lives of the characters. However, what I do not understand is that, the manga is labeled as a shounen series, where in fact, target viewers are mostly females, plus, the plot speaks itself anyway.

I like the simplicity of the artwork. Though it does not give off some Shoujo-like details for the characters, everything is made clean and attractive for the readers. An easy-to-follow panel layout has been observed and I like the way it gives a productive conversation in every flip of the pages. I guess, the collaboration of Hagiwara-san and HERO focuses more on how the storyline would best grab the attention of the readers more than just putting existence to the idol-type appearance of the characters.

I highly recommend Horimiya to any types of manga enthusiast out there. Though you might have different genre preferences, you’ll learn to love this romantic comedy series as it isn’t your typical coming-of-age story of teenagers as most of you would expect. This manga will ultimately make you crave the daily lives of our characters. Definitely, a must read!


3 thoughts on “HORIMIYA – Review

    1. Horimiya is one of the best shoujo manga I’ve encountered so far. I like the simplicity of the storyline, and how the main leads interact with one another. I might label the series as a total slice-of-life but it’s quite awesome how the creator makes the whole thing very entertaining.

      Thanks for dropping by. 😊

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