Shio is our ordinary girl who loves to sing. In fact, she wants to become a professional singer someday, however, her secret dream is locked up inside her as she only expresses her words through writing lyrics. One day, a boy named Shuu approaches her who becomes interested to Shio’s song as he encourages her to sing in front of him. Shuu has also a great enthusiasm in music, so they later on develop a closer relationship to go on with their journey towards their dream.

Written and illustrated by Chiba Kozue, Hitoribocchi wa Samishikute is composed of 13 chapters with 3 volumes. Inspiring as what the plot depicts, this manga primarily focuses on reaching one’s goal while breaking through the barriers in achieving it. The story is filled with strong feeling of determination that enlightens every reader that there’s no harm in trying what you really want to achieve in life. The progress of the story runs fast yet maintains a good blend of drama and romance. There are many inspiring lines in the story, and I’m pretty sure, you will take down notes, especially those catchy lines that our female protagonist has uttered.

I like the scenes where Shio struggles to the highest extent, mostly seen after the first half of the chapters, while she keeps on fighting for what she believes in. From being a silent dreamer to a determined girl, Shio’s character development takes several chapters to go on while the series tries to reach the highest point of the story.

Artwork is well-drawn with the typical shoujo style of art not to mention the well-detailed cute eyes and stylish hair. The presence of a bishounen character is enough to satisfy your eyes, and yes, I’m referring to Shuu. Different emotions of the characters are appropriately made. Within the panel layout however, there are few conversations that feel like a rush so it might be easy for the readers to finish the whole series in less than half of a day.

If you want to uplift yourself towards reaching your dreams, Hitoribocchi wa Samishikute never fails to encourage the readers to spread their wings and fly even higher. After all, success requires hardwork and perseverance. This manga is a must read!


5 thoughts on “Hitoribocchi wa Samishikute

      1. I’m currently on chapter 13, only a few more left to go !! ^ ^
        The characters are so cool!! Especially Nao =.,= <<///< Arghhh!! I'm totally addicted now!!


      1. T^T Thank you very much!!
        You are very kind =_= even though I am clearly horrible at writing reviews…

        Another great manga finished! That story was really refreshing! Glad to see everything went well in the end! 😀


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