Meet Aki, the female protagonist who likes her friend, Mase, a member of a baseball club, however, she doesn’t have the courage to confess to him. On the day when she finally decides to express her feelings, she meets Hojo from other school who confesses to Aki. Unfortunately, an accident follows when Hojo tries to search for Aki’s belonging that Mase has given to her. Due to guilt feelings, Aki finds herself confused whether she likes Mase or Hojo.

A 3-volume romantic manga series by Ayu Watanabe, Kimi ga Suki is filled with a wide range of emotions and a reality to reflect upon. Though there is a cliche on love triangle, the manga would be one of the best heartwarming series I have ever read. Every chapter maintains a good balance of drama and romance with some typical scenarios, thus most of the readers, particularly teenagers, can reflect themselves to the series. The story flows smoothly without any fillers as it directs to the main point of the series. I like the way it covers up different types of emotions which, most of the time, expresses happiness, sadness and ambivalence among the characters.

This is my first time reading Ayu Watanabe’s work. I’d say she is good and definitely an outstanding artist to make a number of series. The characters are well-drawn, and no biases for a particular character is observed. I was able to familiarize her distinctive style of art from head to toe of the characters. Being the author of the manga at the same time, Watanabe makes a good romantic story. Readers will easily be hooked up though they must have encountered similar plot as to this manga.

So, if you are looking for an average yet heartwarming romantic series, Kimi ga Suki is the one you’ve might been looking for.


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