Sayuki Sakurai, a 15-year-old girl, is the protagonist of the story. She is mistaken as harsh, a cold student because of her sharp eyes. In fact, she is sweet, romantic and determined to find love. During a trip to the beach with her friends, she meets a handsome guy who smells like chocolate. He seems mysterious and actually goes the same school as Sakurai, however, she is left puzzled because she has never seen the guy. She falls in love immediately until she finds out the next day that the good-looking guy is actually the four-eyed Hagiwara, her Home Economics teacher.

Written and illustrated by Haruta Nana, Chocolate Cosmos is a 4-volume romantic shoujo manga series. The crush-on-a-teacher storyline isn’t something new yet notable factors such as the artwork and the characters are outstanding enough to satisfy the eyes of the readers. The progress of the story runs smoothly, and it does not make the readers confused in every chapter. The involvement of teacher-student relationship however, is a strange thing because everyone would think that it is considered as forbidden love, but the good thing is, the character of the teacher in the story isn’t the type of guy who favors only a single student. In fact, he shows an equal relationship to everyone. He does not directly show his romantic side to the female protagonist which makes the series quite unpredictable whether in the end, they’ll end up together or not.

As expected to Haruta Nana, her artwork is made excellent, attractive and can be easily distinguished without even looking at the artist name. Her shoujo style of sketching remains the same as to her other series with those cute eyes, stylish hair, and the different facial expressions of the characters are well-portrayed that it feels like an animation.

Chocolate Cosmos is highly recommended especially if you have or had a crush on your teacher, but please, everyone should know their limitation. This manga is inspiring and gives you a lesson that it is not easy to catch your teacher’s heart, so better not to expect too much.


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