The story revolves around Mei Tachibana, a 16-year-old high school student, who is quiet, shy-type and does not socialize with others, believing that people will eventually betray each other sooner or later. Her negative thoughts on friendship change when she encounters the good-looking and popular Yamato Kurosawa who becomes interested to her for some reason after he receives a kick from her. After giving his phone number, Mei eventually calls Yamato for help because a stalker keeps on following her. They later on develop a closer relationship while Mei ultimately begins to befriend others.

Based on a manga by Kanae Hazuki, Sukitte ii Nayo, literally translated as Say I Love You, is a 13-episode anime series which began airing on October 6, 2012. The anime mainly depicts a more grown-up romance and some views on friendship.


The anime does not actually give off a unique storyline of romance. Apart from the fact that it has a popular-guy-meets-an-ordinary-girl scenario, it shows a typical beginning how a couple met each other as a cliché “love at first sight”, exchanging phone numbers and a sort of heroic aura within the male lead. The flow of the story is fast-progressing. It does not give off some exciting points in every episode as the series is like a slice-of-life genre with some emotional conversations while viewing the daily life of the young couple as holding hands on the sidewalks, and when a conflict arises, they make up at the end of the day. These are some of the events in the series that cover the 13 episodes. It is like taking a quick glance at a typical relationship. Nevertheless, a close-to-reality story is quite interesting, and most of the viewers can reflect themselves to it.


Though the main couple, Yamato and Mei, is the center of the story, the supporting characters are given highlights as to their existence. They also play big roles throughout the series especially to Asami Oikawa, Kenji Nakanishi and Aiko Muto who make up the circle of friends together with Yamato and Mei. The viewers won’t get bored seeing the same couple because these supporting characters will also get the chance to show their romantic sides, their personality will be fully expressed as they slowly become aware of themselves including their feelings to one another.

As to the soundtrack, the opening theme titled Friendship by Ritsuko Okazaki sounds so calm, and it soothes the heart of the audience. It definitely gives the feeling that the anime has a serious romantic side without any single attachment of comical tone. The ending theme titled Slow Dance by Suneohair is more catchy to ears though.

To sum up, Sukitte ii Nayo is simply a good romantic series that tries its best to grab the attention of the viewers. Typical as what you might have expected it would be, you will learn to like the anime as you go on with the episodes.


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