The story revolves around Haruna Nagashima, a cheerful and sporty girl who has a big interest in softball. Everything changes when she enters high school as she wants to discover about love and likes to find a boyfriend. She wants to be beautiful and popular to get attention from the boys, but seems hopeless because she lacks idea on how to do it, until she accidentally encounters Yoh Komiyama, a handsome and fashionable guy from their school. Despite his cold personality towards women, he later on agrees to be Haruna’s coach to meet her goal to find a boyfriend. However, in one condition, she must not fall in love with Yoh.

Koukou Debut is a romantic comedy live action film based on the 13-volume popular manga by Kazune Kawahara. The simplicity of the storyline is interesting enough as it primarily shows a comical yet light hearted events with some classical scenarios of a teenage romance, as a first encounter of the coolest guy is one of your unforgettable days, which most of the viewers can reflect themselves to it especially those in their youngster days. Though with a cold personality, the character of Yoh is rather more appealing while he gradually becomes closer and develops his soft side towards Haruna. The flow of the story is fast, and somehow, in a rushed manner, yet events in the story are made organized, simple and are not confusing at all. Everything is made good, catchy and fun to watch.

The actors and actresses of the film are really excellent to make their role possible. Ito Ono, who plays the role as Haruna Nagashima, does a good and well-portrayed act for the character. Being a new-to-love girl, and her determination to find a boyfriend, she expresses the role enthusiastically and acts outstandingly. The good-looking actor Junpei Mizobata who portrays Yoh Komiyama makes an exact parallel for the character as he can show a perfect image for a “hottie and cool guy” that everyone will truly admire. The burning looks on his eyes and his good personality will surely make your heart skip a beat. But of course, you must not break the rule: you must not fall in love with him. Supporting cast such as Masaki Suda (Fumiya Tamura) and Yuki Furukawa (Yui Asaoka) are also good and admirable actors that will make you look forward to their other dramas and movies. Their role is simply funny which makes up the comedy in the movie. They are also handsome Japanese actors.

Koukou Debut is a good romantic comedy and is highly recommended to any types of viewers. You won’t regret of including it as one of the “list to watch” Japanese movies.


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