Nika Tamiya, the protagonist of the story, is a beautiful and fashionable student whom everyone admires. However, her image turns into an unattractive, messy girl when she is at home, or when no one sees her. She keeps this secret to everyone except to her best friend who is aware about the reason behind the change in personality. One day, a transfer student named Arata Kamiyama discovers her “switch off” personality, but the truth is, Arata also has an on-and-off image which he has never revealed to everyone in school. Nika also finds out about Arata’s “off” personality, and as a result, both of them make an agreement that they should keep each others’ secret.

Based on the popular manga by Aida Natsume, Switch Girl!! live action is an 8-episode romantic comedy live action series. The on-and-off image of the female protagonist makes the series interesting to watch, and I believe, most of the viewers can relate to Nika’s situation because they would love to change their persona for some reasons, or maybe, it’s just a way to adapt one’s environment. There are lots of comical scenes in the series especially when you get to know Nika’s true persona and the way she deals with it as she surely mirrors the off-image reality. Since it is a short series however, the story flows in a rushed manner especially when it comes to the development of the relationship of Arata and Nika, but you shouldn’t stress yourself because the second season, which has also 8 episodes, will further show a more intimate relationship of these young couple into an adventurous way while trying to overcome their problems.

Mariya Nishiuchi, who plays the role as Nika Tamiya, is really a good actress. She makes a perfect expression for the character and does not fail to show her cuteness in front of the screen. She is undeniably gorgeous and seems matured enough to make the role in the series with a higher level of romance. I haven’t had a background about her until I started watching this live action and instantly became a huge fan of her.

Renn Kiriyama, who portrays the role as Arata, is the charismatic man in the series. Of course, the existence of a good-looking guy in a series plays a big factor. Apart from being handsome, I’d say that Kiriyama is also an outstanding Japanese actor because I’ve already seen some of his appearance such as his role in Kamen Rider W as Shotaro Hidari which is a quite challenging character to portray.

Switch Girl!! live action is worth watching. It’s funny and you’ll easily fall in love with it.


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