Niimi decides to test out an improved Ochimizu on some rogue samurais that Serizawa has captured. Heisuke chases the transformed human, but is hesitant to finished him off and eventually decides to let him escape. The next day, Heisuke and Ibuki go together to chase the creature and this time, Heisuke stabs it on the chest area. He wonders if he’ll ever get used to this killing.

I just feel sorry for Heisuke because what he actually does is against his will, and killing doesn’t define a true warrior anyway. However, if he can not able to kill, many people will suffer more so it is a big dilemma for him and everyone in the Roshigumi. All they have to do now is to be alert and to keep their eyes on Yukimura because he might get several subjects for the experiment to reproduce more.

Seeing the preview, it looks like Ryunosuke starts to carry his own sword. Maybe, the Roshigumi thinks that Ryunosuke can be a big help someday.


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