Serizawa calls the attention of Kondou to introduce a medical practitioner named Kodo Yukimura who was sent by the Shogunate to advance an experiment which could increase the power of the Roshigumi. Soon after, they find out what the medicine is all about. It is known as the Water of Life which enables a human to transform into a monster and has the ability to heal itself. Hijikata and his fellow Roshigumi are against the medicine so they keep on eye to Yukimura because he might perform the experiment anytime he wants.

If you have watched the previous Hakuouki season, you are already familiar with Kodo Yukimura who is the father of the female protagonist Chizuru Yukimura in the past seasons. You know how the medicine will effect in one’s body. I am afraid that the Roshigumi will eventually use it, especially for Ryunosuke who thinks himself as a weakling and useless man. Sad to think, but that is how I predict for the upcoming events. He will probably subject himself to the experiment. I just don’t want how Hijikata does not trust Ryunosuke’s capabilities. If I were Hijikata, I would give him a chance to discover his real strength to be a big help for Roshigumi. Before everything is too late, Ryunosuke should believe himself.


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