Kinji continues to be trained by Aria in preparation for the appearance of Durandal. However, Kinji does not believe about Durandal’s existence while Aria still fights for what she believes in. As a result, the two starts to distant themselves to each other. In the other side of the episode, Shirayuki wants to see the fireworks festival, however, she is restricted to venture out of the shrine as a Hotogi. Kinji then suggests that they should watch the fireworks festival and Shirayuki agrees. In the evening, Shirayuki receives a text message which she only keeps to herself. The next day in school, Shirayuki suddenly disappears. Kinji locates Shirayuki in the basement of a warehouse, and thanks to Reki who directs him to the correct path.  He later finds out that Shirayuki has been negotiating with Durandal in order to protect the school. It is revealed that the text message and fake call for help in the previous episode was from Durandal. Kinji rescues Shirayuki but is quickly pinned down by Durandal.

It’s nice to see the moments of Kinji and Shirayuki as they walk together through the fireworks festival. The night scene is so romantic, and I was expecting a kissing scene and it could have really happened if there was no interruption. Shirayuki’s just the type of girl who is very gentle with her words and shows deep emotions towards Kinji. The yukata suits her a lot. I wish to see Aria too in a yukata version with her long hair all tied up.

This episode is just the second part of Durandal saga but is more focused on Shirayuki’s role so that some viewers would not think that she doesn’t have a big part in the series where in fact she is Kinji’s childhood friend. While Aria is set aside for the meantime, it is quite predictable that she will enter the scene in the next episode upon the appearance of Durandal.


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