After Aria has been shot by Riko in a critical area, Kinji immediately proceeds to Aria’s room and uses a first aid kit to save her life. Meanwhile, Aria is about to run off to match with Riko for the second time, but Kinji stops her and kisses her to calm her down. Kinji then activates his Hysteria mode. While Aria rushes to control the plane as it starts descending, Kinji confronts Riko who later on escapes by blowing out the plane’s door and parachuting down as the plane is hit by missiles, causing a fuel to leak. Aria and Kinji work together to manage the plane despite interference by the government. The Butei helps them as they find an emergency landing. After the event, as Aria is about to leave, Kinji agrees to be her partner.

I felt a great excitement upon watching this episode. Though the scenes were quite predictable, I still took a deep breath knowing that the plane was about to lost fuel, and the fact that the Butei’s help will either fail or succeed. I did not expect that kissing scene would happen in this early episode because I have really thought that romance will eventually come in the near finale, but we also knew that Kinji really needed it to activate his Hysteria Mode for that emergency situation.

Despite Aria’s disappointment towards Kinji in the previous day, they still manage to be in good terms as what they always do during missions. This is the point in the story where Kinji realizes his importance to Aria that makes him decide to be her partner at the end part of the episode, though this does not settle well with Shirayuki.

I hope to see more exciting scenes in the succeeding episodes. This episode is just too good to watch.


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