This episode starts with Kinji’s nightmare about the events surrounding his older brother’s death. In the morning, while Kinji strolls around, he sees Aria and ends up following her secretly and finds out that she will go to the police station. Aria knows that Kinji is just behind her, so without a choice, Kinji ends up accompanying Aria. As they arrive to the police station, Aria meets up with her mother, Kanae, who is currently incarcerated as a suspect of the Butei killings. She mentions that Aria needs to find a partner as soon as possible.

In the following day, Kinji finds out that Aria will go to London. Meanwhile, he meets up with Riko who reveals information regarding the Butei killer and mentions about Kinji’s older brother who died during a sea-jacking event. Kinji, with his heightened senses, presumes that Aria’s plane is in danger which is being targeted by a Butei killer, so he runs off to the airport.

Surprisingly, they find out that the culprit behind the hijacking including the bike and bus hijacking in the past days is Riko who reveals herself as the great granddaughter of Arsene Lupin, and has wanted to target Aria from the very beginning so that she can surpass his great grandfather’s ability. She also reveals that she is the culprit behind the death of Kinji’s older brother during the sea-hijacking. He was also a Butei who saved many people and was also Riko’s lover. The battle begins while Riko shows the real ability of a Quadra which allows her to manipulate her hair. In the end part of the episode, Aria is shot in a critical area.

The episode is rather surprising as events have just started to reveal some unknown points like Riko’s true identity, and the death of Kinji’s older brother which I think the very reason why Kinji does not want to get involve any longer when it comes to Butei missions. But being able to insist to save Aria is a sign that he is still concerned of her and I know he wants to make justice for his older brother.

I actually did not question my mind or make any assumptions who the culprit was behind the Butei killing because I have always thought it will be revealed as soon as the episode reaches the second half of the series. With the early reveal of the mysteries, I do expect that more might be opened up as the episode goes on.


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