While Aria follows Kinji, her cute side continuously shows as she sees the plush dolls in the arcade. She wants to win some so she tries hardly but is not able to get any one of them at the end. Kinji manages to get two from it and gives to Aria. One day, the school bus which was supposed to ride by Kinji but he was late, has been hijacked by a Butei killer, and a bomb is being implanted and will explode if the bus slows down and stops. Aria and Kinji rush on the scene as they battle the Butei killer. As the bus gradually runs out of gas, Aria manages to find the bomb under the bus while Kinji finds out a communication sensor while Aria tries to stop Kinji to make such moves but he destroys it. A sniper is about to shoot Kinji but is saved by Aria who eventually gets injured while tying to protect him. Several distance from the scene, the bomb is finally disarmed by Reki, the Butei’s sniper ace, with her rifle without losing the target. In the hospital, a dramatic argument happens with regards to Kinji’s negligence. Kinji mentions that he will quit as a Butei which makes Aria even more disappointed of him, and tells that he is not what she’s looking for.

I have always thought that Kinji and Aria would be the best tandem of all series, but I felt sorry for Aria at the end part. After all, Kinji didn’t meet her expectations as he became reckless during the hijacked scene, and in my neutral mind, I can’t blame Kinji for what he did, either. It seems that Aria has really wanted Kinji from the very beginning, more than just wanting him to be his mission partner, and judging from the dramatic scene for this part, it is highly predictable that the two will make up again as partners in the next episode.

This episode becomes more exciting as clashing of guns are highly viewed with its outstanding animation. The hijacked scene shows that the anime will definitely offer you great action packed events for the succeeding episodes. This supports the fact that the anime is not just an ordinary harem type series with overloaded Tsundere because your craving for action series will absolutely satisfy your pleasure with this episode. I was not able to lose my sight while the action scene was ongoing because the tandem of the characters just seemed to be perfect especially when Aria started to be more alert in the scene while she showed her high skills in dealing with her pistols. It’s really rare for me to like a female protagonist who does Moe Moe things because Aria can actually manage to balance her personalities into much acceptable manner. I always love what she does.


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