After being told that Kinji will be Aria’s slave, Kinji’s life changes drastically. If he refuses Aria’s demand, Aria might be intruding Kinji’s apartment. An awkward situation happens when his childhood friend, Shirayuki Hotogi, arrives while Aria is taking a bath. On the following day, a quest is given to Kinji, and that is, to search for a missing cat while Aria follows him. Meanwhile, Kinji meets up with his beautiful friend, Riko Mine, to obtain information about Aria. As Kinji arrives in his apartment, there is Aria who coerces him to join her on a single Assault case, because she believes that Kinji has hidden abilities within him like a class S Butei, and she wants to witness his Hysteria Mode. But Kinji says that he is just a class E Butei who missed the third term’s final examination.

This episode simply shows the fast development of the characters as their distinguishable features are revealed gradually, especially for Aria’s cute side as she eats those peach buns while she enjoys every bite of it. Her weakness side towards love is expected as most Tsunderes are, but in this early episode, she seems to get interested more on Kinji. They make a cute couple though. On the other hand, Kinji is being conscious, too, when he is with Aria as evidenced by the scene where they sit together on a bench and Kinji tells to Aria that they shouldn’t sit too closely as many couples are passing by around.

Along with the immediate development of the characters, the story also flows smoothly and progressively as it continues to rise to the most awaited and exciting points in the story. There are some scenarios that create questions in my mind, like, the reason behind Kinji’s denial on his true ability, and wants to quit as a Butei, and the motive of Aria behind her actions of getting a partner for missions. Perhaps, Kinji is trying to suppress something when it comes to Butei things that he does not want to get involve any longer, and yes, he has wanted a peaceful life.


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