Kinji Toyama, a student of Tokyo Butei High, is the protagonist of the story who wants to have a peaceful life. One day, while he rides his bicycle on the way to school, he is mysteriously attacked by a Butei Killer, a notorious criminal hunting down Butei with passion. Meanwhile, he is saved by a girl coming from above in the name of Aria H. Kanzaki, a transfer student of Butei High and an Assault prodigy ranking class S, the highest rank. After her encounter with Kinji, she wishes to recruit him and be his slave.

The first episode feels like that the series is another “moe” and “dere” overload with the physical features and personality of the female characters especially for the girl named Shirayuki who is really sexually appealing for the viewers, not to mention her big and shiny breasts, plus their beautiful thighs are often exposed.

However, it does not only focus on those attractive characters because the plot is much promising to show you a good action-packed series, and the female protagonist, Aria, is not just an ordinary type of moe character because of the fact that she is capable to hold guns skillfully which is rare for a cute little girl. She makes me remind of Aisaka Taiga, not only her short stature but also her personality which is quite ruthless, especially when dealing with boys whom she thinks they are always pervert. This would also support the fact that Aria is considered as Tsundere who possesses immature mind and prioritizes her own pride. Nevertheless, she never fails to show you her kawaii side.

I was not really bored watching the first episode, and this could be a good start to anticipate for the succeeding events. I got excited while watching Aria and Kinji battled those Butei killers as the animation was quite well-done. Thank God, the male protagonist, Kinji, is unlike those typical dumbass weakling guys from a harem-type series who would always make stupid things. Kinji’s just too strong to face dangers, plus, being able to transform into “Hysteria Mode”, I was able to like him more.


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