While the battle between the guardians and the Logos is ongoing, Eins is tasked to claim the sword while Takuma follows him. The guardians tell Tamaki to chase after Takuma. Upon reaching him, she gets surprised of Takuma with his demon face while Baba-sama, together with Mitsuru, is there on the spot telling Tamaki to stop Takuma from releasing the Oni inside his body, so she convinces him, and gladly, he complies. The sword with its staircase emerges the lake with a black smoke making everyone to visualize their sad past, whereas Tamaki sees a happy future. Meanwhile, Takuma wins the sword over Eins, and once again, releases the Oni within his body while Tamaki as the Tamayori princess commands him to stop, and Takuma’s back to his normal appearance. The Logos retreat, and everyone does dramatic acts while seeing Takuma as he makes everyone to worry by his condition. In the end, everything is back to normal.

I am not satisfied with the ending. Apart from mentioning the rushed events, the characters become much boring especially for Tamaki who would always make her dramatic annoying acts as she does not actually make a big effort, and it’s unfair that everyone experiences a bloody battle, and Tamaki’s just standing in front of Takuma, while waiting for him to be protected. I know it’s a part of its reverse harem genre, but seeing Tamaki always irritates me. She’s too much.

Nevertheless, I am still glad that the ending does not show any tragic events. Seeing the guardians alive and smile at the end makes my heart so happy. The hottie Ryou should have made a big part throughout the series. He just seems so hot! But wait, what will be his next action together with Masataka? Plus, there are still things on my mind that remain unanswered. I’m looking forward to the next season. It was announced that the second season is titled Hiiro no Kakera Dai Ni Sho which is set to premiere this October. I’m so excited!


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